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Why go on holiday far away when there are so many beautiful places to discover in the Netherlands? At FarmCamps we know where to find them. Escape from the daily busy life to socialize and enjoy life on the farm!

Out with the farmer, cuddling with the animals, swinging in the Hay Hay Play Barn, splashing at the Water Pret Meadow and playfully learning about the farm together. Or let yourself be guided by the rhythm of the day.

You stay with your family, friends or colleagues in luxury tents, on a cozy farm with various animals, equipped with all comforts!

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De Geele Bosch

From €329,-


De Geele Bosch

From €329,-


De Geele Bosch

From €329,-


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Our Farms

We had a fantastic stay!! The kids (and us) were never bored for a second!! The children were introduced to real farm life and they loved it. Farmer Jan and farmer Saskia are also incredibly warm and wonderful people. A big thank you to them for making our trip so beautiful.

Family De Clerck

FarmCamps Fleur Stables

Super fun! Very friendly farmer, plenty of space on the site, well-kept tents, great activities, children especially liked the daily feeding of chickens and rabbits, as well as the wide choice of go-karts. Highly recommended!

Family Caremans

FarmCamps De Kamperhoek

In one word great. It is a beautiful location in the beautiful Limburg hills. Very hospitable and helpful owners who are always happy to speak to you. Our children enjoyed the animals and the activities. The tents are very well maintained and spacious.

Family Gorbee

FarmCamps De Verloren Kost

Had a great stay. Daughter (6 yrs) had a great time all weekend and even started to cry in the car not wanting to go home and to continue living there. Only promising to go back again can calm her down. Says enough I think....

Family Cuijpers

FarmCamps ’t Looveld

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