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Rest and relaxation on the farm

What is agritourism

Agrotourism is also known as rural tourism. It is part of ‘widened agriculture’ where agriculture is not only focused on food production but, as in this case, also on tourists who like a weekend or week in the countryside.

Agritourism Netherlands

Agrotourism is a real trend: many people love visiting the countryside. To relax and enjoy the peace and quiet. But, also to learn a bit more about the countryside and farm life. More and more (farming) businesses are therefore making a foray into the recreational sector. Fun for the farmers themselves and fun for the curious tourist. There are farms that rent out a room, operate a campsite or offer a fun day activity. Like canoeing, farmers’ golf, a walk with an alpaca or renting a horse, for instance.

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Agritourism at FarmCamps

FarmCamps’ farms also offer a form of agritourism. Because, at FarmCamps, you stay on a real farm. And in a luxury glamping tent, of course. Moreover, camping on a farm is unique, because you really get the chance to taste and learn about Dutch farm life. Our farmers really enjoy teaching you the tricks of the trade, pampering you and regaling you with facts and figures about farm life. Helping the farmer feed the animals, tasting fresh milk, making butter and jam, making yoghurt. After a week on the farm, you will know a lot more about farm life.

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Every farm holiday is different

The nice thing is that you will have a completely different experience on each farm, because every farm is different. You can choose from these different types of farms: an arable farm, an alpaca farm, an organic farm, a cheese farm, a dairy farm, a horse farm, a sheep farm, a play and learning farm, a cattle farm.

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Our farms

Frequently Asked Questions

Which animals are there on the farm?

On our farms you will find different animals! Cows, sheep, rabbits, goats, horses, chickens. And we could go on and on. The farm is a real animal jungle. On some farms it is even possible to have your own grooming pony, rent a bunny and take a walk with an alpaca. So we are sure that a farm holiday will delight every child.

Where do we sleep?

You sleep in a luxury glamping tent. Our tents are fully furnished and fully equipped. A nice sofa, comfortable beds and a kitchen with gas cooker and espresso machine. The Ranchtents have a private bathroom with bath and shower next to the tent. The Farmtents, Barntents and Lodgetents even have a bathroom in the tent.

Are the farms located throughout the Netherlands?

You can book farm holidays all over the country. From Limburg to North Holland and from Zeeland to Friesland. But you also have the choice whether you want a farm near the forest, by the sea or in the middle of the countryside, for example. There is always a farm that suits your needs!

What can you do on the farm?

There is plenty to do on the farm! Upon arrival, the children receive a Farmers’ Passport containing fun tasks you can do together. Moreover, every farm has plenty of play equipment for the kids to enjoy and there is always a haystack to frolic in.

Last but not least, you can help the farmer on the land. Maybe there is a chore to be done, or the cows need to be put in their stalls. And just maybe you will get to take a ride on the tractor. Extra fun: what about all those animals roaming around the farm? They have to be taken care of, of course. Feeding and watering the chickens, tending the cows, brushing the ponies. And, very importantly, the rabbits need to be cuddled too, of course.

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