Ascension Day

An extra long weekend of pure enjoyment

Ascension Day at FarmCamps

There is plenty to do on the farm during Ascension Day. Playing in the Hay and Hay Play Barn, climbing on the Tractor Tire Climbing Tower, milking cows with the farmer or baking cookies and ice cream with the farmer’s wife. With your new friends you will discover every corner of the farm while mom and dad relax in the hammock or on the porch by the very luxurious tent.

Ascension Day in 2022 is on the 26th of May. An excellent time to get away from it all. Just book the extra long Ascension weekend and drive to the farm on Wednesday after work.

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Luxury and comfort

Camping is not “cramming. All our tents are specially designed for guests who have to get used to camping. Or for the pros who now want to try that so-called ‘glamping’ to see if it really differs that much.

And it does … All tents have a private toilet in the tent and also standard heating, comfortable beds and a kitchen with stove and running water.

If you want more comfort, check out our tents with private shower and / or bath.

Our farms


At this lovely and cozy horse livery, just near a forest, everything revolves around ponies and games here. The kids can spend hours working with the lovely ponies, experiencing pony lessons from Farmer Carolien or messing about in the playground.

Alpaca Vorstenbosch

While staying on the farm of farmers Willem-Mathijs, Anne and their two kids, you will become familiar with the miraculous world of the alpaca. Anne’s parents ran a dairy farm here until Anne and Willem-Mathijs decided to fully focus on alpaca’s only; quite different from cows!

Op Flakkee

At this modern dairy farm on the island of Goeree-Overflakkee, it’s not only you that enjoys pure luxury for the cows here are treated like royal princesses.

Fleur Stables

At Jan and Saskia's livery yard and sheep farm you can learn everything there is to know about caring for horses and ponies. Get your pony diploma and care for your 'own' pony too. All this and only 10km from the beach!

Stolkse Weide

In the beautiful Dutch polder landscape, lies Wilco and Durkje’s dairy farm. Their large farmyard offers plenty of space for your mini-farmers to run around and play for hours, not to mention working with the animals too.

De Kamperhoek

You won't be bored for a minute at this arable farm ran by Farmer Huub and his wide Martine, together with their three teenage sons. Zeeland and Belgium are close by together with seaside resorts like Cadzand and Knokke.

Op de Beemd

Soak up the tranquil atmosphere on this dlieghtful and cozy dairy farm. Run by Peter, his wife Monique and their three children, your mini-farmers will be playing for hours and helping out on the farm.


FarmCamps Mariekerke is a sheep dairy, cattle and arable farm owned by Albert and Annelie de Korte. Learn how to sheer a sheep and take care of the other animals on the farm.

De Oostermaat

In the gorgeous Zwartewaterland (“Blackwaterland”) farmers Rindert and Gerdien live and work with their two kids. You will never get bored on this farm. Race around the farm on go-karts, build huts in the Hay Hay Play Barn, jump on the trampolines or cuddle the animals.

De Verloren Kost

On this small-scale farm you can enjoy the hills. Here you will find plenty of horses and ponies, the passion of farmer Annemarie. Riding lesson, ponyride outside, cuddling with the animals or playing outside. Everything is possible here.

De Geele Bosch

On the farm of farmer Bill, farmer Ella and their son Michel you can help take care of the young calves, cuddle and ride the pony, enjoy the homemade ice cream and of course play a lot.

Hoeve Sonneclaer

FarmCamps Hoeve Sonneclaer is an organic dairy farm. Barend and Tineke Mul are passionate about making organic homemade ice cream from the milk of their cows. You can also help groom the ponies and care for the other animals. On this farm you can help and of course play a lot!

Den Branderhorst

Farmer Eddy and his wife Anne-Marie run this delightful small-scale dairy farm situated in an idyllic spot in the 'Achterhoek' region of The Netherlands. Here you can hug a cow, enjoy a pony ride and completely relax!

‘t Looveld

An especially beautful spot where Farmer Johan and his wife Martine live together with their six young children. There is always a happy atmosphere here and your children will love playing and helping around the yard! The views of the forest are stunning.

Five Star

This former farm is now focused on education and play. Jan and Ella Pijnenburg, take you through the basics of animal husbandry. Their adorable ponies, mini horses and guinea pigs play the leading role here.

De Buitenhoeve

You can bet that the tastiest cheese is made on the farm of farmers Aico and Kirsten! On this farm, apart from cows and calves you will also find 3 ponies, a donkey, goats, rabbits and many more animals.


On this dairy farm you will not only get to know Farmer Bart's cows but also the gorgeous ponies owned by Farmer's Wife Floor. With just eight luxury tents on site, this farmyard is peaceful and fun too.


On this typical Zeeland style farm the children can play, play and play again, leaving parents the chance to kick back and relax. Farmer Sentine teaches you everything about agriculture and farming. From the town of Arnemuiden you can easily reach the beautiful Zeeland beaches.

De Bosrand

Farmer Martijn and farmer's wife Naduah are the proud new owners of De Bosrand. You will no longer find cows on this former dairy farm, but a lot of ponies that you can help take care of, cuddle and even take for a walk in the woods.

De Smulhoeve

The sweet Shetlands will steal your heart away as Farmer's Wife Karin and her family create an unforgetable experience on this delightful livery yard near Kaatsheuvel - only a few steps away from the famour Efteling park!

What is Ascension Day?

On Ascension Day, Christianity commemorates Jesus going to God in heaven. This was thirty-nine days after he rose from the dead. The celebration is part of the Easter cycle, so Ascension Day is actually the fortieth day of Easter. Ascension Day always falls on a Thursday, ten days before Pentecost.

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