Care for a pony at FarmCamps!

We’re pony mad at FarmCamps!

Ever dreamt of having your own pony? Well now you can! During your FarmCamps holiday you can care for, ride, groom and cuddle your ‘own’ pony! If this sounds like heaven then FarmCamps De Smulhoeve and FarmCamps Fleur Stables are perfect for you!

De Smulhoeve

Experience what it’s like to have your “own” pony while on holiday. Under parental supervision you can ride for a whole hour every day but don’t forget that ponies need lots of care too. Your responsibilities include feeding, cuddling, grooming and mucking out too! It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or have no experience at all – caring for your ‘own’ pony is for everyone.

Fleur Stables

Fleur Stables is the farm where riders go to ride. Here you are responsible for the entire care of your “own” pony: grooming, feeding, mucking out the stable and taking your pony out to graze. Naturally you also get to ride every day but since riding is done without supervision it is important that you have some experience already.

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