Child-friendly holidays on a farm

Watch out: they don't want to go home again!

Looking for a fun holiday with children?

Camping on a farm is great for kids! It is a cosy animal mess, there is enough to play on the farm all day long and if you want, you can give the farmer a hand. Fun with the other kids! But a farm holiday is also a good idea for parents. The children can have fun on their own, can’t easily leave the farmyard and are actually always in sight. So 100% kid-proof. And we know better than anyone that kid-proof is also parent-proof. So you can enjoy and relax too.

The most fun, child-friendly holidays in the Netherlands are on a farm

Want to know exactly how child-friendly a farm holiday is? We explain it to you! Before you know it, you’ll be on the farm with the whole family!

Spacious, well-organised and safe

All our farms are spacious and clearly laid out. So you can see the children playing in the yard or on the playground from afar. With a bit of luck, you can even hear them laughing…or crying, of course. Although the latter will be a lot less frequent. You can keep an eye on them while having a coffee in front of your tent. So you won’t lose the children easily; not even the fastest ones!

There are also not as many dangers lurking on the farm as in a large-scale bungalow park. There are no cars driving by, you can’t get lost and if the kids have wandered far, there are always other parents watching out.

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You camp with a real farmer

Camping at the farm is truly an experience. You wake up to the cock crowing and, if you sleep through it, to the mooing cows. After you get up quietly, you can fully experience what a day on the farm is like. From feeding and caring for the animals to chores in the fields. You might even get a ride on the tractor! Our farmers are all equally enthusiastic and love to teach you and your children all about farm life.

When checking in, the children receive a Farmers Passport with all kinds of fun and educational assignments. The children can do these themselves, but of course you can join in too. For young and old alike, it is the chance to experience real Dutch farm life up close. And that chance does not come along very often, of course.

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Animals, animals and more animals

Milking cows, shearing sheep, cuddling rabbits, feeding goats, brushing horses. And we could go on and on. On the farm, it is a real animal mess. On some farms, it is even possible to have your own grooming pony. Children love animals and animals love children. So we are sure that a holiday on a farm will appeal to every child.

Friends in no time

Because our FarmCamps farms are so small-scale and the activities with the farmer are all done together, friends are made in no time. And that is fun! Because then the kids can go to the playground together, ride around on the tractor or frolic in the haystack. In short, you can be glad to see the kids again at lunch. Very child-friendly, but also very parent-friendly.

iPad, what is that?

Kids are hard to get away from the iPad. But we would venture a guess that there is enough to do on the farm to forget about the iPad for a few days. Playing hide-and-seek, building tree houses, cuddling with the animals, playing football, swinging, go-karting…boredom is not an option on the farm!

Bad weather is no problem

We all know the Dutch weather. That can sometimes be disappointing for a few days. Then there must be plenty for the kids to do! Fortunately, you can also help the farmer inside. How about sweeping and mucking out the stables? Or feeding and looking after the animals inside? And then there is always the big game box in the tent. How fun is it to play games together all afternoon? There is also plenty to do near the farm: you can go to the cinema, or visit an indoor playground or museum. Is your holiday really about to fall apart? Then make use of our Good Weather Guarantee and rebook your holiday for free.

Tasty food

Another advantage of the farm: the food there is delicious and totally kid-proof. How about homemade artisanal farm ice cream, Dutch fries evenings and cosy pizza nights? At many of our farms, you can also order a delicious barbecue package with meat, baguettes, salad and sauces (vegetarian is often possible too!). Oh, and not unimportant: piles of pancakes are also baked on the farm with flour and fresh milk from the farm.

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Camping in luxury and without worries

Camping is, of course, totally awesome for children. But as parents, you naturally want a bit of luxury. We fully understand that! Fortunately, you can spend the night in a luxury glamping tent at FarmCamps’ farms. Our tents are fully equipped. Lovely beds, private sanitary facilities, electricity, hot water and a kitchen with gas cooker and espresso machine. There are even tents with a private bathroom with bath and shower in or next to the tent.

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