Information on coronavirus

Corona and your vacation at FarmCamps? What has changed?

Following government policy, we ensure that measures are in place at FarmCamps on every farm to combat the coronavirus.

Staying at our farms is subject to the same national guidelines that you follow at home. We expect every guest to follow these national government health recommendations.

If anyone in the family has health issues (colds or elevation/fever), please stay home. The health of our guests, farmers and employees is paramount. Should our farmers see that there is someone with health problems, they may deny you access to the farm or cancel your vacation early.

Where necessary, the farm activities take place in an adapted form, so that the 1.5 meter distance rule is guaranteed. On this page you can read what this means for your farm.

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What general measures do we take for all FarmCamps?

We adhere to the guidelines of the RIVM. Our farms are small in size, there is plenty of space in the yard and near the tents.


What do we expect from our guests?

Staying at our FarmCamps locations is subject to the same national guidelines that you follow at home.


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