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Categorie: Corona measures

In response to government policy, we at FarmCamps ensure that measures have been taken on every farm to combat the coronavirus.

The same national guidelines apply to a stay on our farms as those you follow at home. We expect every guest to adhere to the health advice of the central government.

The farm activities take place in an adapted form where necessary, so that the 1,5 meter distance rule is guaranteed.
You can read on this page what this means for your farm.

Our farmers keep us up to date of any absences due to sickness, signs of illness within their family or business. If there is any doubt about the situation on any of our farms, we will discuss and decide with the farmers what measures need to be taken and if their farm needs to be temporarily closed. If that is the case, then guests who have booked the farms in question will be informed immediately and the booking can be changed free of charge. Please refer to the terms and conditions on the bottom of this page.

Currently all sanitary buildings on our farms are open. This means that your holiday can continue as usual.

Of course, the sanitary buildings are kept clean and here too, a distance of 1.5 m must be kept. How this is arranged per farm differs per farm. You will receive more information about this on site from the farmer and his wife.

We advise you to first check your own travel insurance policy for more information about cancelling your holiday. Cancelling your holiday with FarmCamps because of the coronavirus is possible but not free of charge. Our booking terms and conditions are applicable.

In the following cases you can rebook your booked holiday to another period within the same season:


  • If you are not allowed to go on holiday due to government measures related to Corona;
  • If you, or someone from the travel group with whom you are staying in the tent, has Corona and is therefore not allowed to go on holiday. For this you must be able to provide us with a positive test certificate;
  • If you and/or the travel group you are staying with in the tent have to be quarantined. You must be able to submit a message from the GGD to us for this;
  • If you, or someone from the travel group with whom you are staying in the tent, has to undergo or has undergone a Corona test and you are waiting for the results. We would like to receive proof of the test appointment for this.


  • If you want to make use of the Flexible Rebooking Guarantee, you can contact our reservations department during office hours (tel. 088-8889188). Our employees will then arrange the rebooking together with you. The new arrival date must be in the same year. Is there a price difference between the new holiday and your original holiday? Then we calculate the difference between the new price and the price paid. You pay the difference or receive it back from us.

Yes, our FarmCamps locations are open. If the situation changes in a region you have booked, this will be stated at the bottom of this page.

We stick to the guidelines of the RIVM. Our farms are set up on a small scale, there is a lot of space in the yard and near the tents. For a stay at our FarmCamps locations, the same national guidelines apply as those you follow at home.

In response to government policy, we at FarmCamps will ensure that the farm activities take place in an adapted form, so that the 1,5 meter distance rule is guaranteed.

Click here for more information.

Yes, you can book a holiday with a flexible rebooking guarantee, in the unlikely event that it cannot take place due to the current or future measures regarding the corona virus.

Unfortunately, we cannot look into the future, but we are keeping a close eye on how the coronavirus continues to develop and what the impact could be on your future holiday. If the situation changes in such a way that your holiday cannot take place, you can simply rebook. This applies to all booked holidays in 2021. View the situation per region (if applicable) here.

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