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Categorie: Farming activities, services and games

The easiest way to do this is to go to the main menu on our website and select ‘Our Farms’. You can use our filter options on the left as per your requirements. Once you have done this, the computer will do the hard work for you and show you all the relevant options. Of course, you can also call and ask us to do this for you on 088 888 9188.

  • Every FarmCamps farm has its own play equipment and area(s) including a toddler playground, go-karts and various swings and bouncy castles.
  • In addition, some farms also offer ‘Hay! Hay! Playbarns’, outdoor paddling pools, tractor tyre climbing towers or a Farmer’s Assault Course.
  • Every FarmCamps farm also features a petting zoo and a cuddle corner.

Each FarmCamps location is unique and has its own farming services. At the FarmCamps farms, at least the following packages and services can be booked:

  • Breakfast at the tent
    Farmers BBQ (note, this is not available at all farms)
    Towel package
    Baby package
    Farmer’s Bed Making Service (note, this is not available at all farms)
    Children’s Overall Rental
    The FarmCamps locations also have a small farm shop where you can get something tasty to eat and drink.

Each FarmCamps location is unique and has its own activity program. At each FarmCamps farm you can participate in the farm tour and the kids receive a Farmer’s Passport and Mini-Farmer Diploma (free). In addition, all farms offer their own unique activities. On the farm page you can read which activities these are per farm.

  • FarmCamps are currently not specifically designed for people with disabilities. Our luxury tents are spacious enough for people with a wheelchair. Some FarmCamps farms also have a paved path to the tents which is easy for wheelchair use. Call or email us if you want to know which farms are suitable.
  • Developmentally disabled children and adults can of course take part in all farm activities, under supervision where appropriate.
  • FarmCamps farms are very suitable for children who attend special needs schools or who are eligible for weekend care through care subsidiaries. If the child is usually under supervision then we advise their care giver also joins the holiday. FarmCamps farmers are not qualified to care for children with special needs though they are especially welcome on all our farms.

You pay us in advance for all services and activities that you pre-book with us. You only pay for the services and activities that you book on site when you leave. At some FarmCamps farms you can pay with pin, at locations where this is not possible, you have to pay in cash at the farmer. Paying with credit card on the farm is unfortunately not possible.

Upon arrival, the farmer and his wife will inform you of the schedule for activities during your stay. Times and locations are subject to change depending on the onsite farming that is required. You can also consult the activity board, located at a central point on each farm, to keep up to date with time and locations during your stay.

  • Children of 6 years or older can participate in almost all FarmCamps activities (unless otherwise indicated).
  • Children under 6 years can also take part in the activities, but FarmCamps requests this be done under the supervision of an accompanying member who is 13 years or older.

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