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What is FarmCamps

FarmCamps is a successful farm holiday formula that has been operating in the Netherlands since 2012. By now, 25 farms have joined us. We offer families an unforgettable, natural and educational holiday on a working farm. Our guests stay in one of our 385 luxury tents and during their stay, children and their parents playfully learn all about life on the farm.

This form of extended farming not only offers financial opportunities for farmers, but together we also increase social respect for living, working and life on the farm. And that is much needed, because nowadays children hardly know where their food comes from!

On this page you can read more about our way of working together and the possibilities.

Why FarmCamps?

What do we offer our partners?

FarmCamps contributes to strengthening and preserving the farm business and offers agricultural entrepreneurs the prospect of redevelopment and yield enhancement.

We offer farmers the opportunity for income growth through an attractive revenue model. Even if you already have an existing farm campsite, we offer guaranteed yield enhancement.

We stand for honest, respectful, pleasant and profitable cooperation. Together, we are capable of more than each on our own.

The Collaboration

We enter into long-term cooperation with our partners. As both parties do not take any chances when entering into such a connection overnight, a number of steps are taken.

Are you FarmCamper material?

Is FarmCamps something for you? The FarmCamps checklist contains the most important ingredients for a perfect FarmCamp. So you can easily discover whether the FarmCamps formula suits you.

Experiences of our farmers

Op Flakkee - Huibert and Annet

“We have been affiliated with FarmCamps since 2017. For us it is a nice addition to our dairy farm; first of all, we are farmers and we like to give guests something to share about our farm and the sector, besides that it is financially strengthening our business.

The great thing about the cooperation with FarmCamps is that they take care of all the booking and aftercare issues. Moreover, the atmosphere together is relaxed and the lines are short. That works well.

We enjoy having guests who say they had a fantastic stay with us and often come back! Of course you have to put in the time, but with some experience this time can be planned well. The interaction with guests is great fun and enriching; during milking and on the farmyard, I hear the most beautiful accents and stories!

People have great respect for farmers and marvel at the world behind their glass of milk. Children often don’t want to leave the farmyard at all and forget iPad and TV; in reviews you read back how much fun they often had.”

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Fleur Stables - Jan and Saskia

“FarmCamps is a very nice concept, I think it is definitely worth joining this in 2012. It also provides good side income for us! We are now FarmCampers for the 14th season and achieve a good return, also considering the number of hours we put in during peak season with the two of us. Because of FarmCamps, many different people come to the farmyard than usual, which makes for great conversations and is hearty fun!

We even have many returning guests, some children get into the car crying after their holiday because they don’t want to go home yet and will miss their pony so much. That says enough anyway!”

Advice from farmer Jan:

“If you have become curious about the concept I would say, go and visit one of the farmers affiliated with FarmCamps. Then you will really get a good impression of what it is like to be a FarmCamper. At the office, they will be happy to help you make an appointment for this.”

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De Kamperhoek - Huub and Martine

“FarmCamps de Kamperhoek gave a ‘go’ back in 2013 and started the partnership. We were immediately excited when we saw the beautiful glamping tents.

FarmCamps is something you do together. Both the FarmCamps team, and the farm family do their utmost to make the guests happy. 1+1 should be 3, then you do it right. The guests require a lot of attention, but it’s also oh so much fun! Despite the hustle and bustle, you have a holiday feeling on your own farm!

In our opinion, if you also want to start FarmCamps, priority 1 is that you like dealing with people and certainly like dealing with children and can make them feel very welcome on your farm and teach them something in the process.”

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5 reasons to start with FarmCamps


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