Birds of a feather – flock together

The flock is looking for their farmer

Looking for an unforgettable and unique experience to share with your family, friends or colleagues? They why not consider hiring part of, or even the whole of one of our FarmCamps? Our endless selection of fun activities ranging from ‘farmers market’ BBQs to guided farm tours and our personal approach to working closely with you and the farmer guarantees a customized holiday that will keep you clucking for years to come.

Did you know you get a 10% discount on tent rental when you book 3 or more tents in low season?

Accommodation for family and friends

Which type of group accommodation in the Netherlands do you prefer? Will you go for a Safari tent, Hay tent, Farm tent, Ranch tent, Lodge tent or a Barn tent? Or maybe a mixture? Everything is possible.

When you book a group accommodation of three tents or more in the Netherlands, you will receive a 10% discount in low season.

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