All holidays in one row. When will you visit a FarmCamps farm?

Finally FarmCamps holiday time

You didn’t forget parents get holiday too did you? Between all the working, washing, ferrying from one sport club to another, cooking, helping with homework and your own social life it’s easy to imagine that you did! But seriously though, all parents need some peace and relaxation from time to time (not just when the kids are bed).

We’re talking about a real holiday, the kind where you come to relax, read, chill in the hammock and hug a cow – well you are on a farm after all! And the kids? No worries – we keep them busy!



One egg, two eggs, three eggs, four…before you know it it’s Easter again and we are sure you will love celebrating it on the farm with our Best of Easter package.

May School Holidays

May School Holidays

Watch out! It’s babyboom time on the farm. See how many new borns you can spot and fall in love with!

Ascension Day vacation with children

Ascension Day

All that free time…how will you fill it? We reckon the best way is to take a quick tour of the farm. Watch out for the speed camaras though!

Pinksteren 1


Wake up with the cows and be sure to start your day afresh after a great nights sleep – especially with a long weekend! Mmm…


Summer holiday

You won’t be caught out with our Good Weather Guarantee – come rain or shine you’ll be fine!

Autumn holiday 3

Autumn Holiday

After a hurricane comes a rainbow as they say, but never fear for our tents come equipped with a heater to keep you cosy.

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