May holidays with children

Pick spring on the farm!

Spend the May holiday on the farm with the whole family

Spending the May holidays with the kids on a real farm? You can! Because our glamping tents can be found at the farmer’s premises. And they are the best farmers in the Netherlands! Camping at the farm means waking up between the cows, horses and chickens, playing hide and seek in the hay barn and learning everything about farm life together with the farmer. There is plenty to do on the farm. How about milking the cows together, shearing the sheep, brushing the horses or… walking with a real alpaca? It’s all possible!

Our farms are cosy, small and snug. The ideal place for children to make friends. So it’s ideal to spend your May holiday here with the children. And you don’t need to worry about the glamping tents. They are luxurious and comfortable. Think comfortable beds, a private toilet, hot water and a well-equipped kitchen. You can even make your favourite coffee. Want a private bathroom with bath and shower next to the tent? Then choose one of our Ranchtents. You can read more about our glamping tents here.

May holiday among the animals

If you book a holiday on a farm, you can be sure of one thing: you will encounter plenty of animals. An ideal place, therefore, for all children who love animals!

Grooming horses & ponies and...maybe going for a ride

At some of our farms, you can help the farmer take care of the ponies and horses. Extra fun: on some farms, it is also possible to have your own grooming pony or cuddly pony and take a riding lesson. Do you have your own horse? Chances are that your friend can just come along. So plenty of options for all the little horse geeks.

Caring & cuddling alpacas

On our farms, you will not only find the standard farm animals. For example, we have a few farms with alpacas. Yes, you heard right! You can cuddle these cosy and sweet animals, but on some farms you can also walk with them. Read more about it here.

Cows and calves

And of course there are also lots of cows and calves on the farm. Great fun, because the farmer can teach you all sorts of things about the cow. From care to milking. Maybe even a little calf will be born. One thing is certain: after the May holidays, you will know exactly how milk gets into the supermarket.

How do we know which animals can be found on the farm?

You might think: nice all those animals, but how do I know exactly which farm to go to for my children's favourite animals? We have found a solution: on our special search & book page you can also select by animal. This way, you know exactly which animals you will encounter on the farm.

A relaxing May holiday with children. It can be done!

We understand that parents also need holidays from time to time. And it is a fact that a holiday with children is not always a real holiday. But, our FarmCamps farms are also totally parent-proof.

1. You have no problem with your child

At the farm, there is an awful lot to play with. There are all kinds of fun play equipment, go-karts and a hay shed to frolic in. Moreover, the farmer and farmer's wife can really use the children's help. For example, the animals need looking after and the stables need mucking out. Besides, nowhere do the children make friends as quickly as on the farm. This is because all activities with the farmer and farmer's wife are shared. A holiday where the children can make lots of friends is of course a dream for every parent. In short, the kids have a great time so parents can relax too.

2. Safe holidays

You can only really relax when you are sure nothing dangerous can happen to the kids. Good news: on a FarmCamps farm the children are never far away because the farm is so small-scale. Moreover, you don't have to worry about passing cars, because there are none.

3. Educational and fun

As a parent, you naturally want to teach the kids a thing or two from time to time. How milk gets to the supermarket, for example, and how eggs end up in the egg carton. Good news: you don't have to do that. The farmers love to teach the kids.

4. Quiet environment

Our FarmCamps farms are located in the most beautiful and quiet places in all of the Netherlands. They are all nice, quiet places where you as a family can get away from school and work. Take a nice walk in the woods, go cycling through nature or read a book in complete silence. It's all possible.

5. No arguing over the iPad

We can't quite guarantee it, of course, but chances are that there will be quite few arguments over the iPad on the farm. The children are too busy playing outside and with everything that happens on the farm. And say it yourself. A newborn calf is much cuter than an iPad, isn't it?

Frequently asked questions about a May holiday with children on a farm

What's inside the tent?

Our glamping tents are fully equipped. You sleep in good beds and in each tent there is a nice sofa and a table to play games at. In the kitchen, there is a gas cooker, running water, a small fridge and a good espresso machine. And, of course, plenty of kitchen inventory. Many of our tents also have an outdoor fireplace by the tent. This way, you can also enjoy the outdoors in the evening.

Good to know: there is no microwave or oven in the tent.

When can we check in and check out?

Check-in is possible on Mondays and Fridays between 3pm and 7pm. If you will be later, please inform the farmer directly. You will receive the phone number of the farm by e-mail 3 days before arrival.

Checking out can be done on Monday and Friday until 10 a.m. Have you booked a short weekend? Then you can stay until 5pm on Sunday. Exceptions are Easter Monday and Whit Monday, when you can check out until 5pm.

Is there actually a bathroom in the tent?

Our Ranch Tents have a bathroom with bath and shower next to the tent, this one is all yours. When booking a Farm Tent, Barn Tent or Lodge Tent then you don't even have to leave the tent; these tents have a bathroom inside!

There are also tents without a bathroom. No worries, you don't have to knock on the farmer's door, but can shower extensively in the heated sanitary building.

Should we bring our own towels?

Yes, that's convenient! In fact, towels are not included in the price. You can also order a handy towel pack with one large and one small towel for €5.

Should we bring our own bedding?

No, you don't have to. The tents are fully equipped with duvets and pillows and clean bedding. You pay €6 for bed linen per person for the entire stay.

Tip: at some farms you can also opt for the Farmers' Bed-making service. Your beds will then be made before your arrival, for €5.50 per bed.

Is a FarmCamps farm 'young baby proof'?

That is certainly quite possible: we wrote a blog about it so you can hear first-hand how this went:On FarmCamps holiday with a 6-month-old baby.

Are FarmCamps farms suitable for people with disabilities?

FarmCamps farms are currently not specifically equipped for people with disabilities. But, our most luxurious glamping tents are spacious enough for people in wheelchairs. Some FarmCamps farms also have a paved path to the tents which is easy for wheelchair use. It is best to call or email us, and together we will see which farms are suitable.

Furthermore, it is good to know that children and adults with mental disabilities can of course participate in all farming activities, accompanied if necessary.

Our FarmCamps farms are very suitable for children from special primary education and for children with a PGB who are eligible for lodge weekends. If a supervisor normally accompanies the children on holiday, this is also required during a FarmCamps holiday. This is because our farmers are not qualified to supervise these children, but the children are absolutely welcome.

Are washing machines and tumble dryers available?

Washing machines are available at all FarmCamps locations, except at FarmCamps De Verloren Kost. A few farms also have tumble dryers. You can make use of these against payment. You can tick this facility on our booking page.

What farmers' activities are there?

Looking for a fun activity? On the farm page you can read what activities are available on each farm.

At every FarmCamps farm, you can at least take part in the farm tour and the children will receive a Farmers Passport and Farmhand diploma (free of charge). Furthermore, every FarmCamps farm always has extra activities!

Children under 6 are also allowed to join FarmCamps activities, but they must be accompanied by someone aged 13 or older.

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