Summer holidays with children

Summer holidays on the farm

Where better to spend the summer holidays than on a farm? Spend the night among the animals, wake up by a crowing rooster and then spend the whole day outside. That is enjoying real Dutch farm life. Moreover, our FarmCamps farms are located in the most beautiful spots in the Netherlands, so there is plenty to discover in the area.

Summer holidays with children... or without children?

Whether it's a midweek or a weekend away, the farm is an ideal place to take your children during the summer holidays. And on a farm with children often means without children. The children are often out and about: they can join the farmer to milk the cows or help brush the horses.

The stable often needs to be mucked out and eggs collected too. And we haven't even mentioned the Hay Hay Play Barn or the bunnies in the cuddle barn. So a summer holiday on a farm is ideal for parents who crave a moment for themselves or an afternoon nap in the sun. A FarmCamps holiday is child-friendly, but also parent-friendly!

Luxury and comfort

Our tents are specially designed for guests who need to get used to camping. We can hardly call it camping, because you will sleep in a real glamping tent equipped with a private toilet, comfortable beds, a sofa, a cosy dining table and a kitchen with a gas cooker. You can have a nice shower in the heated sanitary building on the farm. Prefer a bit more privacy? The Ranch Tents have a private bathroom with bath and shower next to the tent. For the luxury horses we even have tents with a private bathroom in the tent. These are the Farm Tents, Barn TentsandLodge Tents

What can you do in the summer holidays on the farm?

Besides taking care of the animals and helping the farmer, there are of course many more summer things to do on the farm. Here are our 5 favourites!

Water fight

Top of the list during a hot summer: a water fight. The farm is ideal for water fun. If all goes well, the kids are already wearing clothes they can get dirty in and a water sprinkler on the farm is of course easy to find. Don't tell: many farmers also like a water fight, Ideal for cooling off.

An evening's barbecue

A cosy BBQ evening with the whole family is of course a must during the summer. You can of course provide delicious food on the BBQ yourself, but at many farms you can also simply order a barbecue package. How convenient is that? The barbecue packages include meat from the traditional butcher, a salad, baguettes and sauces. Are you a vegetarian or do you prefer fish? No problem, you can often just indicate this!

An exciting scavenger hunt

Children's favourite: a scavenger hunt on the farm! At FarmCamps farm Vorstenbosch you can treasure hunt with the Alpaca Chilli tracking book. And also on FarmCamps Five Star, FarmCamps De Kamperhoek andFarmCamps De Verloren Kost you can do a fun and educational scavenger hunt.

A bonfire night (including marshmallows)

A bonfire night is a good reason to stay up late for one night, right? Nice and cosy around the fire after a summer day together. The kids can roast marshmallows by the outdoor fireplace in front of the tent. But: the farmer often lights the campfire in the yard as well, which is of course even cosier! Long summer evenings are the most fun.

Games afternoon

Did you know that in every tent there is a big game chest? It contains games you can play indoors on a rainy day. But it also contains games that can be played outdoors, such as petanque, football, Frisbee, beach ball, badminton and skipping rope.

Where do you prefer to spend your summer holidays?

On the farm of course, that's the right answer to the question! But our farms are also in very nice summer spots. How about...

A farm... by the sea

Some of our farms are close to the sea! That is of course super convenient if you are at the farm in summer and want to spend a day at the beach. The ideal combination: farm life and the beach. Best of both worlds!

A farm... in the forest

Seven of our farms have a forest adjacent to, or even on their property. The forest is very popular with our guests because it stays nice and cool even on a hot day. Do you like an active holiday? Then a farm adjacent to the woods is a good option because you can enjoy hiking and cycling. Moreover, the kids will have a great time: walking in the woods, making tree houses or playing hide-and-seek among the trees.

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