Whitsun weekend

Celebrate Whitsun at FarmCamps

Another long weekend recharging on the farm? With an extra day off, Whitsunday lends itself perfectly to this. A weekend of reading books in the hay, cuddling with the cows and shearing sheep. Unwind and enjoy a few days of real Dutch farm life. And all in a luxury glamping tent. You can’t imagine a better Whitsun weekend, can you?

Long weekend away at Whitsunday on the farm

You may be wondering, “Camping on the farm, will I survive?” Of course, you want some luxury and to be pampered. We understand that very well. That is why we have made our tents as luxurious and comfortable as possible. They are not called glamping tents for nothing! Think: comfortable beds, a private toilet, hot water and a kitchen with all the essentials. You can even make your favourite coffee. Want a private bathroom with bath and shower next to the tent? Then choose one of our Ranchtents. Want to know more about our tents? Here we tell you all about it….

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FarmCamps Barntent interieur woonkamer slaapplek kinderen stapelbed
Luxury and comfort on the farm

You will stay in a super-luxurious glamping tent with all the trimmings during the Whitsun weekend. All our tents are specially designed for anyone who needs to get used to camping. Or just for the pros who now want to try out the popular 'glamping' to see if it really differs that much.

And it certainly differs. Our tents have their own toilet, lovely beds, electricity, hot water and a kitchen with gas cooker and espresso machine. Everyone has enough space to have fun. You can enjoy reading on a nice sofa or play games together at the large dining table. All tents are equipped with a well-stocked game box. Handy, for when the weather is a bit off. The luxury Lodgetents even have a Hay House for the kids. If you want a little more comfort, check out our tents with private shower and/or bath.

FarmCamps op de Beemd Noord Brabant gezin wandelen in het bos
What can you do on the farm?
  • Upon arrival, you will receive a Farmers Passport containing fun and challenging tasks that you can complete together.
  • There are lots of animals running around the farm. And these, of course, need to be taken care of. How about feeding and watering the chickens, tending the cows, brushing the ponies. And, very importantly, the rabbits need to be cuddled, of course.
  • At each farm, there is plenty of play equipment to have fun with and go-karts to ride around on. And there is always a haystack to frolic in.
  • Each tent has a very large game box. So when the weather is not so nice, you can have a real games afternoon or evening.
  • And we almost forget the most important thing: parents can also have a great time on the farm. Of course, you can join all the chores in the yard with the children. But, you can also enjoy yourself reading a book on the veranda, taking a walk or cycling around the countryside. Or take an afternoon nap in the hay. Don't worry, farmers won't tell anyone else.
FarmCamps de Oostermaat Overijssel voetballen jongens spelen geiten in de wei
Why glamping at the farm?

Glamping at the farm is not at all crazy. The children playfully discover farm life and learn all about farm life through assignments and a little help from the farmer.

We are actually pretty sure that our farmers are the nicest in the Netherlands because they are completely screened for fun and enthusiasm. You can also choose from several farms. We have arable farms, an organic farm, horse boarding houses, dairy farms. So there is something for everyone!

On a beautiful Whitsun Day

Whitsun in 2023 falls on 28 and 29 May, a perfect time to get outside with the whole family and enjoy spring. The weather is often nice on Whitsunday. But, we all know: the weather here in the Netherlands can go either way. Is your Whitsun weekend threatening to fall into the water. Nothing to worry about! Take advantage of our Good Weather Guarantee and rebook your Whitsun weekend for free.

FarmCamps Hoeve Sonneclaer Drenthe koeien melken jongen boer moeder ijsje in de stal hooi
Discover how much fun a Whitsun weekend on the farm can be

Are you ready for a fun-filled Whitsun weekend away? Then book your Whitsun weekend directly at FarmCamps. Discover all our locations in Drenthe, Gelderland, Limburg, Brabant, North and South Holland, Overijssel, Zeeland and Friesland. Still have questions? Then ask them by phone on 088-8889188 or send an e-mail.

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