May School Holidays

A cuddle-tastic timeduring theMay school holiday!

May school holidays at FarmCamps

May school holidays in The Netherlands fall early this year – pretty close to Kingsday or Ascension Day in fact, so the chances are you are already looking for something to do with your free time. This is the perfect time to escape to the country and spend some time outdoors with the family.

Treat yourself to some pure luxury with one of our Safari, Farm, Lodge, Ranch or Barn Tents – a true glamping experience – and all this in The Netherlands!

In 2021, the official May school holiday period runs from April 30th to May 9th, and our farmers are looking forward to a welcoming you on their farms.

The official May vacation runs from April 30 to May 9 and our farmers are eager to welcome you on the farms.

Luxury and comfort

Camping is not a ‘cramped affair’. All our tents are specially designed for guests who have to get used to camping. Or for the pros who want to try out the so-called ‘glamping’ to see if it really is that different.

And it does… All tents have their own toilet in the tent and in addition standard heating, lovely beds and a kitchen with a gas cooker and running water.

If you want more comfort, check out our tents with private shower and/or bath.

Our farms

Boredom is impossible!

Your farming adventure is of course only complete if you also learn something on the farm. And our farmers personally make sure that happens, with a well-deserved Farmer-Servant Diploma as the icing on the cake.

So one day you will be taking the cows out of the meadow and the next day you will be milking them. Or you can shave a sheep in Mariekerke and brush one of the many sweet ponies on our horse farms.

If you have had enough of the animals (believe it or not, but that can happen), you can go on a walk with the farmer’s wife. On one farm you can make your own ice cream from fresh milk and on another farm you can bake the most delicious biscuits you have ever tasted.

Finished cooking, baking and learning? Then go straight to the swings, trampoline, go-karts or dive into the well-stocked game box in the tent. So there is plenty to do!

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