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More for men at FarmCamps!

Wifey could sell it so well. But if you’re totally honest, it all sounds pretty sweet: cow cuddling, feeding calves, collecting eggs, and to top it all off, helping the cuddly dwarf companions brush your kids. Super cute, super manly.

Not. Of course we understand that you want to pet the calves with your little one and those donkeys are very touching. But to spend your entire vacation among the cute animals, that was just not the plan of a farming adventure …

We know what real men want

So to let you know that we’re really thinking about you, we have a list of what real men can experience on the farm!


Every man has been fishing at some point in his life. Together with his father when he was little or with friends. On the farms
Stolkse Weide, Fleur Stables and De Kamperhoek, fishing is something you should not skip.


Yes, the time of year to show off your cooking skills. Most men don’t like to cook, but bbq’ing is a different story. It involves pieces of meat and that is exactly what we like. You can order a meat or fish package in advance or at the farm.


From experience we know that it is not only the little boys who enjoy racing on the go-kart. Often enough the dads tear along just as fast as their son or daughter. Nothing wrong with that, we have enough go-karts on our farms anyway.

Playing football

On all our farms there is room to kick a ball around. Sometimes almost among the cows! The fathers playing a game, kids against the fathers, or old-fashioned flying goalie. It is up to you.

Lighting a fire

What man hasn’t lit a fire at one time or another? On the farm, this is really part of the game. Who can build the best fire and roast the tastiest marshmallows? Check out which farms you can do this at.

Driving a tractor

He will not match the average Porsche or Ferrari. But as a Dutch man you really have to drive a tractor! This is not standard on all our farms, but if you ask the farmer nicely a lot is allowed 😉

Drinking beer

You can always have a beer. But what could be better than opening a beer in the open air at the end of the day and enjoying it! Check out which farm you’ll be savoring your beer at.

Bring out the primal man in you

So on every farm there is enough to do to bring out the primal man in you. And the nice thing is, you can also do it together with your kids! Check out the activities per farm when booking and choose the farm that suits your farm adventure 🙂

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