FarmCamps De Smulhoeve Noord-Brabant knuffelpony meisje konijn bij de tent

Cuddle pony

Cuddle pony at FarmCamps


Unlimited cuddling with the sweetest ponies

When you are still small, life is not always fair, because you are not yet allowed to do everything. But what if you do love ponies… Then FarmCamps has the cuddle pony that you can cuddle, brush and groom as much as you like. Ideal for little horse geeks!

Cuddle pony at FarmCamps, for real horse geeks! Book your own cuddly pony with your holiday and brush, cuddle and groom a pony!
FarmCamps Smulhoeve Noord-Brabant pony voeren meisje hooi overalletje
De Smulhoeve

Are you a real hugger? Nice! The ponies at FarmCamps De Smulhoeve love to cuddle, to be brushed and to walk. And let that be convenient, because that's exactly what you get to do! You get your 'own' Shetlander, which you get to pamper and with which you, together with your parents, can go for lovely walks around the yard. Ideal for budding riders. If you want to ride, look into a grooming pony.

  • From ± 3 years (always together with parents)
  • € 90 per weekend | € 120 per midweek | € 160 per week

This is more to do at FarmCamps De Smulhoeve

Good news for family members who are a little less of a fan of ponies: there is plenty more to do at FarmCamps De Smulhoeve. You can meet many more sweet animals on the farm, such as chickens, goats and pigs. And did we mention that there are also very sweet fluffy alpacas? You can also play in the hay barn (or take an afternoon nap), race around on the go-karts or play hide-and-seek with the other children.

Totally insane: you can just cycle to the Efteling and walk to the Loonse and Drunense Dunes! So plenty to do if you want to get out of the yard for a while. Also don't forget the Beekse Bergen and the Biesbosch.

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FarmCamps de Bosrand Drenthe pony verzorgen borstelen jongens in de rij bak lachen
De Bosrand

The sweet Shetlanders at FarmCamps De Bosrand love attention. Do you like cuddling, brushing and walking? Then you can book your 'own' cuddle pony at this farm. You can pamper them during your holiday, take care of them and walk around the yard with them. How fun is that!

  • From ± 4 years (always together with parents)
  • €35 per day

This is more to do at FarmCamps De Bosrand

Besides horses and ponies, the farm is also home to alpacas, donkeys, deer, cats, pigs and rabbits. You can help take care of all these sweet animals every day! Or go 'supping' on the forest lake 100 metres from the farm. Drenthe naturally lends itself very well to a nice walk and a nice bike ride. From the farm, you can be in the forest in no time. And if you are in Drenthe, a visit to the dolmens is not to be missed.

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