Pony package

Always fun with the pony package!

Be assured of a unique pony experience and fun pony activities. You ride a shetlander, B, C, D or E pony! At FarmCamps Breehees, you can also join the outdoor ride, so there is something for everyone!

Be assured of a unique pony experience and fun pony activities with FarmCamps’ pony package. Lessons or fun games every day!

With the Pony Package, you are guaranteed half an hour of riding lessons/play with Farmer Carolien's pony every day. She is a qualified instructor and organises daily lessons in small groups. Twice a week, riding lessons are replaced by fun games with the ponies.

  • From 6 years
  • Lessons or games with the ponies every day
  • Including own cleaning bag
  • Bookable on site at the farm

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