FarmCamps de Bosrand Drenthe de wei bloemen

Small-scale holiday park Drenthe

Staying on a real farm: small and cosy!

Looking for a small-scale holiday park in Drenthe? Our FarmCamps farms can be found in the most beautiful places in the Netherlands and certainly also in the beautiful province of Drenthe. Would you like to spend the night on a real farm among horses, cows and newborn calves? Then book a FarmCamps holiday. It is beautiful, cosy and always pleasant.

FarmCamps De Bosrand Drenthe jongen kijken alpaca in de wei steen tentenveld
Small-scale holiday park Drenthe: for young and old

Camping on a farm is fun for young and old alike. The children can go out with the farmer, maybe even ride the tractor, milk cows or pet goats. There is also always plenty to play with in the yard: go-karts, trampolines, sandboxes!

But, you too are away from the daily grind for a while. Just listening to an audiobook, taking beautiful walks in the surroundings or sneaking an afternoon nap in the hay? The farmer probably won't tell anyone else. Our FarmCamps farms guarantee a wonderful holiday where you can completely unwind.

Small-scale holiday park in Drenthe

Our Farmcamps farms are small-scale. There are a minimum of eight and a maximum of 25 tents on a farm. You stay overnight in a beautiful glamping tent. Think: comfortable beds, a private toilet, hot water and a kitchen with all the essentials. You can even make your favourite coffee. Want a private bathroom with bath and shower next to the tent? Then choose one of our Ranchtents. You can read more about our glamping tents here.

FarmCamps De Bosrand Drenthe pony paard rijden galop in het bos buitenrit
Our FarmCamps farms in Drenthe

Check out our small-scale holiday parks in Drenthe here.

FarmCamps 't Looveld is a real traditional dairy farm in Zweeloo. Here the children can experience what life on a dairy farm is like.

FarmCamps Hoeve Sonneclaer is an organic farm in Fluitenberg. Cows are kept here and the milk is used to make delicious organic ice cream.

FarmCamps De Bosrand is a horse farm in Ellertshaar where, on the contrary, there are lots of sweet ponies and alpacas.

Small-scale holiday park Drenthe: the advantages

A small-scale holiday park is not at all crazy. Small is nice! We have listed the benefits for you.

Benefit 1. A small-scale holiday park is nice and clear. You can see the children playing in the yard or playground from afar. This makes it easy to keep an eye on things.

Benefit 2. There is a lot of personal attention and plenty of time for explanations. Our farmers are ready for you and your family.

Benefit 3. On a small-scale holiday park, the kids can never get lost. Moreover, there are no cars on the park driving to and fro. So nice and safe for young children!

Benefit 4. The kids make friends easily. The activities with the farmer are all joint and then, of course, making friends goes fast.

Benefit 5. On a small-scale holiday park, the tents are not right next to each other. So you have more peace, space and privacy.

Benefit 6. Customer service is fast, flexible and personal. Lines of communication are short and in fact no question is too crazy.

Holiday in Drenthe? These are our favourite activities

There are plenty of fun activities to do on the farm. If you still want to see something of the surrounding area, Drenthe is the place to be. These are our favourites!

  • Nature in Drenthe lends itself perfectly to a nice walk and a nice bike ride. Enjoy the peace and quiet! There are three National Parks in Drenthe, as well as many other beautiful natural areas.
  • Fun for the kids: this beautiful countryside is also home to many climbing forests. Made especially for kids who do like a bit of adventure. There are as many as seven in Drenthe. So there is always one nearby.
  • Definitely don't skip: the Boomkroonpad. A path through the forest about 150 metres high. So you really are walking among the tops of the trees!
  • A visit to the Hunebedden should definitely also be on the list. You can find these oldest monuments in the Netherlands along the Hunebed Highway. The N34 from Zuidlaren to Coevorden.
  • You might not expect it, but in Drenthe you can go on a jeep safari. With a real electric all-terrain vehicle that you get to drive yourself. At Eko Tours Jeep Safari, you have come to the right place for this activity.
  • You can also discover beautiful Drenthe via tablet. In National Park Dwingelderveld, you can play The Nature Game Drenthe. Learn about nature through riddles and interactive games.

Farms in this province

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