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Small-scale holiday park North Brabant

Staying on a real farm: small and cosy!

Looking for a small-scale holiday park in North Brabant? Our FarmCamps farms can be found in the most beautiful places in the Netherlands, and certainly in the beautiful province of North Brabant. Would you like to spend the night on a real farm among horses, cows and newborn calves? Then book a FarmCamps holiday. It is beautiful, cosy and always fun.

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Small-scale holiday park North Brabant

Camping at a FarmCamps farm is fun for young and old. The children can go out with the farmer, play in the hay barn, milk cows or pet goats. There is also always plenty to play with in the yard. You can find go-karts, trampolines, and sandboxes on every farm. 

But, you too are taking a break from the daily grind. Take a nice walk in the woods, read a book or magazine in peace and quiet or sneak an afternoon nap in the hay? The farmer probably won't tell...In short, our FarmCamps farms guarantee a wonderful holiday where you can completely unwind.

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These are our FarmCamps farms in North Brabant

FarmCamps farm Breehees, a cosy, small horse pension near the forest. 

FarmCamps farm De Smulhoeve, a horse farm in Kaatsheuvel with many shetlanders, as well as goats, pigs and rabbits.

FarmCamps farm Op de Beemd, a dairy farm in Zeeland (North Brabant) located in a wooded area. 

FarmCamps farm Alpaca Vorstenbosch, an alpaca farm in Vorstenbosch where the alpacas steal the show. 

FarmCamps farm Hoeve Luyterheyde, a self-sufficient cattle farm in Neerkant. 

Sleep in a real glamping tent

On a FarmCamps farm, you will of course sleep in a luxury glamping tent! Fully equipped and with all mod cons. Even luxury lovers can indulge themselves. There is a gas cooker in the kitchen, enough kitchen inventory, a small fridge, and a good espresso machine. And how about nice beds, a relaxing sofa, a large dining table and a game box. And cosy, too: many of our tents have a fireplace outside. 

We have different types of tents. Check them all out here! Whichever tent you choose; they are all child-friendly accommodations.

These fun things you do on the farm

Bored on a small-scale holiday park? That really is out of the question. On our farm, there is always something going on. These are our favourite activities on the farm. Which one is your favourite? 

Getting a Farmer's Diploma

Right at the top! How much fun is it to learn all about farm life? That is why all children receive a Farmer's Passport. The passport contains educational and fun tasks. For each task, the children can earn a stamp. At the end of their stay, the kids receive a real Farmhand Diploma from the farmer and the farmer's wife. 

An alpaca walk

Yes, you heard correctly: on FarmCamps farm Alpaca Vorstenbosch you can take a nice walk with alpacas through the beautiful countryside. A favourite activity for many kids. Because who doesn't want to spend time with these sweet, woolly animals? 

Cosy evenings around the campfire 

What could be cozier than a campfire at the end of the day? Cosily enjoying the evening and roasting marshmallows together for dessert. Delicious! Almost all tents have their own fire outside. But, often the farmer and farmer's wife also provide a large campfire in the yard. And that, of course, is totally cosy! 

Helping the farmer and farmer's wife 

Secretly the most fun thing to do: helping the farmer and farmer's wife with chores around the farmyard and in the fields. It could be anything: brushing the horses, tending the sheep, collecting eggs, collecting wood or sweeping the cows' feed. Many children are only too happy to trade the playground for a job for the farmer. 

Walking pony

There is a pony lover in every family, right? At FarmCamps farms Breehees and De Smulhoeve you can go for a nice walk with your pony. Next to the pony, or on it of course! We know what the children will choose...

Games marathon

Last... but definitely not least. Our game box! Does the weather leave something to be desired? A rainy afternoon is perfect for playing games in the tent. There are also lots of fun outdoor games in the game box, such as bocce ball, football, frisbee, skipping rope, beach ball and badminton. So hope that shower blows over soon.

Our favourite activities in North Brabant

Of course, there is plenty to do on the farm. If you still want to see something of the surroundings during your holiday in North Brabant, then of course you can! These are our favourites.

The Loonse en Drunense Duinen. A beautiful nature reserve with sand drifts and moors. In fact, it is the largest drifting sand area in Europe. A good place therefore for beautiful walks and cycle tours. 

Safaripark Beekse Bergen. Here the animals are on the loose and you can come face to face with, for example, a giraffe, gorilla or lion during a safari in your own car or a safari bus. Very impressive!

Speelland Beekse Bergen. In this park, it is mostly possible to play. A beautiful outdoor playground with more than 30 attractions and a water park. 

Efteling theme park. Of course, the Netherlands' most famous amusement park cannot be skipped. Everyone knows it, so we don't need to tell much about it. A hit for young and old for years. 

The Biesbosch. Europe's largest freshwater tidal area (due to its open connection to the North Sea). Lovely to sail around in and enjoy the wooded surroundings. 

BestZOO. A small, convenient animal park in, the name says it all, Best! Here you will find unique animals you won't find anywhere else in a zoo, such as jaguars, king vultures and tree anteaters. 

Eindhoven Museum. On weekends and school holidays, the Heritage Park hosts experience days and you can chat with residents from the Middle Ages and do all sorts of things with them!

Barefoot trail. There are a lot of barefoot trails to be found in North Brabant.  Take off your shoes and walk on different natural surfaces that massage and stimulate your feet. Also often on the trail: balance beams, rope bridges and mud ditches.

Bossche bollen. If you are in North Brabant then of course you have to go to Den Bosch to eat a delicious Bossche bol. Don't say we didn't warn you. After this, you won't want anything else....

Farms in this province

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