Small-scale holiday park North-Holland

Staying on a real farm: small and cosy!

Looking for a small-scale holiday park in North Holland? Our FarmCamps farms can be found in the most beautiful places in the Netherlands and certainly also in the beautiful province of North Holland. Would you like to spend the night on a real farm among horses, cows and newborn calves? Then book a FarmCamps holiday. It is beautiful, cosy and always pleasant.

FarmCamps Fleur Stables Noord-Holland paarden in de wei rijbak
Small-scale holiday park North-Holland: for young and old

Camping at a FarmCamps farm is fun for young and old. The children can go out with the farmer, play in the hay barn, milk cows or pet goats. There is also always plenty to play with in the yard. Every farm has go-karts, trampolines, and sandboxes.

But, you too are away from the daily grind for a while. Taking a stroll on the beach, reading a book or magazine in peace and quiet or sneaking an afternoon nap in the hay? The farmer probably won't tell...In short, our FarmCamps farms guarantee a wonderful holiday where you can unwind.

FarmCamps Fleur Stables Noord-Holland eendjes voeren meisjes sloot tentenveld
This is our FarmCamps farm in North Holland

Check out our small-scale holiday park in North Holland here. FarmCamps farm Fleur Stables is a horse farm in Oudesluis. Here you can get your pony diploma or rent your own grooming pony. You camp cosily among 50 horses and ponies, but there are also very sweet sheep and goats to be found. And...not to mention: Fleur Stables is also close to the beach!

FarmCamps Fleur Stables Noord-Holland overzichtsfoto tentenveld
Sleep on the farm in a real glamping tent

On a FarmCamps farm, you will sleep in a real glamping tent! Fully furnished and fully equipped. Nice beds, a relaxing sofa, a large dining table and a game box. In the kitchen there is a gas cooker, a small fridge, enough kitchen inventory as well as a good espresso machine. And very cosy: many of our tents have a fireplace outside.

We have different types of tents: you can choose from a luxury Safari tent, luxury Farm tent or luxury Lodgetent. Check them all out here! Whichever tent you choose; they are all child-friendly accommodation.

Relaxed holidays with the kids? That's possible!

Our FarmCamps farms are 100% parent-proof. You too can completely relax and unwind for a while. We'll explain why!

  • On the farm, there is much for children to experience and discover. From taking care of the animals to the go-karts, sandpit and playground. So there is little chance of the kids getting bored. That way, you also have a holiday.
  • The activities with the farmer and farmer's wife are all done together. So during these activities, your kids will quickly make friends. And we all know that lots of friends equals some extra rest for the parents.
  • Our FarmCamps farms are small-scale and arranged so that you can keep a close eye on the children. Moreover, no cars drive there and getting lost is almost impossible. In short, you too can relax once in a while without worrying if everything is going well.
  • Every FarmCamps farm is in a different beautiful part of the Netherlands, but one thing is always the same: there is peace and quiet. You can take a break from the busy and hectic life at home. We always say: on the farm, nothing is compulsory and everything is allowed.
  • Cooking? It certainly doesn't have to be every night! In fact, lots of fun activities are organised by the farmer and farmer's wife. How about a pancake night, Dutch fries night or a cosy pizza night? Also delicious: almost everywhere you can order a delicious barbecue package with meat, baguettes, salad and sauces (vegetarian is also possible!).
Our favourite activities in North Holland

Of course, there is plenty to do on the farm. Should you still want to see something of the surroundings during your holiday in Noord-Holland, then Noord-Holland is the place to be. These are our favourites.

The park Sprookjeswonderland in Enkhuizen

Immerse yourself for a day in the gnome village, the playground, the petting zoo and the various shows.

Hoenderdaell country estate

This estate consists of a beautiful nature reserve and animal park as well as the Lion Foundation. Lions, tigers, panthers and pumas reside here.

The Zuiderzee Museum

See what this piece of the Netherlands looked like before the Afsluitdijk was built in 1932.

Zaanse Schans

A real village from the 18th century with Zaanse houses and windmills. An open-air museum, then...but people still live there too!

Beautiful old Dutch villages

See all the ancient Dutch villages such as Edam, Volendam, Marken and Broek in Waterland and enjoy the beautiful, peaceful surroundings.

The Muiderslot

An imposing castle you should definitely visit. It is one of the most famous castles in the Netherlands.

The flower bulb area between Petten and Den Helder

Here you will find the largest continuous flower bulb area in the world. Between late March and early May, you can watch the bulb fields in bloom.

The dunes of Schoorl

Of course, a day at the beach and dunes is always a good idea. Moreover, the Schoorl dunes are also known as the most beautiful dunes in the Netherlands. Enjoy the wide sandy beaches and beautiful nature!

The wadden region: Texel

Always wanted to visit the wadden region? This can easily be done from Den Helder. From here, you catch the ferry and are on Texel within 20 minutes.

Staying on a FarmCamps farm in North Holland? These are the frequently asked questions.

When can I check in and check out?

Check in

You can check in between 3pm and 7pm on Mondays and Fridays. Should you be a little late, you can tell the farmer(s) directly. You will receive the phone number of the farm by e-mail 3 days before arrival.

Check out

You have until 10am to check out on Mondays and Fridays. Have you booked a short weekend? Then you can stay until 5pm on Sunday.

Exceptions are Easter Monday and Whit Monday, when check-out is possible until 5pm.

Should I bring my own groceries?

You can certainly bring your own groceries, but it is not necessary. In the information folder in the tent, you can find the address of the nearest supermarket. There is always a supermarket nearby where you can buy groceries. Many FarmCamps farms also have a small farm shop with a basic range of food and treats. Most farms also offer a sandwich service.

Can I stay overnight at a FarmCamps farm with a young baby?

You certainly can! 

Spending holidays on a small-scale holiday park in North Holland: what if the weather is bad?

Should it be chilly, we recommend putting on layers. Also bear in mind that it can be chilly inside the tent if it is cold or windy outside. So bring nice warm clothes for the evenings.

If rain is forecast, we recommend you bring rubber boots and proper rainwear. For the children and for yourself. Also remember some old clothes for the kids, as they are guaranteed to get dirty playing on the farm.

With the Dutch weather, you better be prepared.

Does every farm have the same play equipment?

Each FarmCamps farm has different play equipment and play facilities. But, there is always something for young and old to play with. Every FarmCamps farm has an Animal Meadow and/or Cuddle Barn.

Does every FarmCamps have the same sports facilities?

Each FarmCamps farm has its own sports facilities ranging from farmers' golf, table tennis, a volleyball court, a football pitch, canoe hire and fishing facilities.

May we receive day guests during our FarmCamps farm holidays?

Day guests are certainly welcome at most farms, but usually for a fee. The fee varies from farm to farm, but is usually only a few euros per guest, per day. The price also depends on the number of guests you invite. You can check with the farmer or farmer's wife when you arrive. You can also sign up guests right then.

Farms in this province

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