FarmCamps De Oostermaat Overijssel voetballen kijken koeien in de wei jongen zwaaien

Small-scale holiday park Overijssel

Staying on a real farm: small and cosy!

Looking for a small-scale holiday park in Overijssel? Our FarmCamps farms can be found in the most beautiful places in the Netherlands and certainly also in the beautiful province of Overijssel. Would you like to spend the night on a real farm among horses, cows and newborn calves? Then book a FarmCamps holiday. It is beautiful, cosy and always pleasant.

Small-scale holiday park Overijssel: for the whole family.

Camping at a FarmCamps farm is fun for young and old. The children can go out with the farmer, play in the hay barn, milk cows or pet goats. There is also always plenty to play with in the yard. Every farm has go-karts, trampolines, and sandboxes.

But, you too are away from the daily grind for a while. Take a nice walk, read a book or magazine in peace or sneak an afternoon nap in the hay? The farmer probably won't tell... In short, our FarmCamps farms guarantee a wonderful holiday where you can unwind.

FarmCamps De Oostermaat Overijssel skelteren moeder en zoon tentenveld safaritent barntent speeltuin glijbaan
This is our FarmCamps farm in Overijssel

Check out our small-scale holiday park in Overijssel here. FarmCamps De Oostermaat in Genemuiden is a modern dairy farm. The farm is almost completely energy-neutral with the help of solar panels. There are cows on the farm, of course, but also sheep, rabbits and chickens.

FarmCamps De Oostermaat Overijssel blog gastblog kidsvakantiegids kinderen in hangmat tentenveld
Sleep in a real glamping tent

On a FarmCamps farm, you will of course sleep in a luxury glamping tent! Fully furnished and fully equipped. Even the luxury horses can indulge. In the kitchen, there is a gas cooker, enough kitchen inventory, a small fridge, as well as a good espresso machine. And how about nice beds, a relaxing sofa, a large dining table and a game chest. And very cosy: many of our tents have a fireplace outside.

We have different types of tents. Check them all out here! Whichever tent you choose; they are all child-friendly accommodation.

FarmCamps De Oostermaat Overijssel spelen met water in de plassen jongen erf
What if the weather is bad?

Of course, it is always possible that the weather is not cooperative. If your holiday threatens to fall through, it is always possible to make use of our Good Weather Guarantee and rebook your holiday for free. You can find out exactly how this works here.

Is rain forecast? Then bring rubber boots and good rain gear. For the children as well as for yourself. Also think about some old clothes for the kids, as they are guaranteed to get dirty playing on the farm. It is always nice to bring warm clothes for the evening. With the Dutch weather, you better be prepared.

Fun things on the farm

At a small-scale holiday park, you certainly won't be bored. On the farm, there is always something going on. These are our favourite activities on the farm. Which one is your favourite?

Getting a Farmer's diploma

Of course, it is so much fun to learn all about farm life. That is why the children are given a Farmer's Passport on arrival. In it are all fun and educational tasks. A stamp can be earned at each task. Have all the tasks been completed correctly? Then you will receive a real Farmer's Diploma. Presented by none other than the farmer and farmer's wife.

An afternoon of swimming

Many ponds can be found near FarmCamps farm De Oostermaat. Ideal for an afternoon swim when the hard work on the farm is done ;-).

Campfire and marshmallows

What could be nicer than sitting by the campfire at the end of a day at the farm, enjoying and roasting marshmallows together? Almost all tents have their own fireplace outside. But, often the farmer and farmer's wife also provide a bigger bonfire in the yard.

Helping the farmer and farmer's wife

Chores in the fields, collecting wood, feeding calves, sweeping the feed for the cows, collecting eggs. The farmer can always use some help! Many children are only too happy to trade the playground for a job with the farmer. Because secretly, this is the most fun thing to do!

Baking poffertjes with the farmer's wife

Our farmers and farmers' wives are real gourmands. And they heartily enjoy teaching kids how to easily make their favourite farmhouse dishes at home. At FarmCamps farm De Oostermaat, farmer's wife Gerdien loves making poffertjes. Are you guys in for a treat!

Games marathon

Is the weather down for a while? No worries. During a rainy afternoon, you can have a great time playing games in the tent. By the way, there are also all kinds of fun games for outdoors in the game box: such as bocce ball, a football, a frisbee, a skipping rope, a beach ball and badminton. So hope that shower blows over soon.

Our favourite activities in Overijssel

Of course, there is plenty to do on the farm. Should you still want to see something of the surroundings during your holiday in Overijssel, then Overijssel is the place to be. These are our favourites.

National Park Weerribben-Wieden

Overijssel is known for its beautiful natural areas. National Park Weerribben-Wieden is a case in point. A beautiful nature reserve with lots of water and reed beds. You can hire a canoe and cruise through the water and reed beds while enjoying the silence. It is also possible to rent a so-called 'whisper boat'. This does say something about the calmness of the place.


A well-known art town where many studios can be found. The town is small and picturesque. Highly recommended if you want to get out for an afternoon.

Cow safari

Yes, you heard correctly: in Overijssel, you can book a cow safari with tractor and covered wagon. Around the Vechtdal Hoeve, you can admire the Brandrode Vechtdal Reef.

The Hanseatic cities of Overijssel

Visit the Hanseatic cities of Deventer, Hasselt and Zwolle. These important trading centres from the Middle Ages are known for merchant houses, trading offices and beautiful city walls with gates.

Pancakes in Little Africa

A fun zoo, playground and restaurant all in one with pancakes with the most amazing names like 'zebra', 'elephant' and 'ostrich'.

Hellendoorn adventure park

An adventurous and very fun amusement park with a carousel, laser game, white-water river and roller coaster.

Climbing forest Paasloo

The name says it all: here, kids can climb to their heart's content through the various courses.

Sand drift the Sahara

In this mega sandbox, children can build endless sandcastles during a cosy picnic in the sand.

Farms in this province

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