Small-scale holiday park South-Holland

Staying on a real farm: small and cosy!

Looking for a small-scale holiday park in South Holland? Our FarmCamps farms can be found in the most beautiful places in the Netherlands and certainly also in the beautiful province of Zuid-Holland. Would you like to spend the night on a real farm among horses, cows and newborn calves? Then book a FarmCamps holiday. It is beautiful, cosy and always pleasant.

Small-scale holiday park South Holland: for young and old

Camping on a farm is fun for young and old alike. Children can have fun all day long. They can go out with the farmer and farmer's wife, make new friends, tend calves or brush horses. There is also always plenty to play with in the yard. How about go-karts, trampolines and sandboxes?

But, you too are away from your daily worries for a while. Finally time for that audiobook or fun podcast. Or take a walk or cycle through the beautiful countryside. Our FarmCamps farms guarantee a wonderful holiday where you can completely unwind.

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Small-scale holiday park South-Holland

Our FarmCamps farms are small-scale. There is a maximum of 25 tents on a farm. You stay overnight in a beautiful glamping tent; think: comfortable beds, your own toilet, hot water and a kitchen with all the trimmings. You can even make your favourite coffee. Want a private bathroom with bath and shower next to the tent? Then choose one of our Ranchtents. You can read more about our glamping tents here.

Our FarmCamps farms in South Holland

Check out our small-scale holiday parks in South Holland here.

FarmCamps Stolkse Weide is a traditional dairy farm in Stolwijk, in the middle of a primeval Dutch polder landscape. Here the children learn how to milk a cow ... ánd how to make fresh ice cream from the milk!

FarmCamps Op Flakkee is a modern dairy farm in Sommelsdijk on the island of Goeree-Overflakkee. Here, the cows get to choose whether they are inside or outside and lie on real "cow mattresses". Very nice to experience this! The farm is located in a beautiful, quiet spot on the island.

Small-scale holiday park South Holland: the advantages

A small-scale holiday park is not at all crazy. Small is nice! We have listed the benefits for you.

Benefit 1 - A small-scale holiday park is heartily safe for children as there are no cars driving around the park. So you can leave the kids to their own devices with peace of mind.

Benefit 2 - At a small-scale holiday park, it's easy to keep an eye on things. You can actually always see the children playing in the playground or yard. Nice and clear!

Benefit 3 - Children make friends very easily on a small-scale holiday park. This is because all activities with the farmer are done jointly. And that, of course, makes for a lot of fun.

Benefit 4 - On a small-scale holiday park, there is plenty of time for explanations and personal attention. Our farmers are ready for you and your family.

Benefit 5 - Customer service is fast, flexible and personal. Lines of communication are short and no question is too crazy.

Benefit 6 - On a small-scale holiday park, there is more peace and quiet. This is because the tents are not right next to each other. This gives you a lot more privacy.

Holidays in South Holland? These are our favourite activities

There are plenty of fun things to do on the farm. If you still want to see something of the surrounding area, South Holland is the place to be. These are our favourites

  • Madurodam is ideal for a day out. The kids will be amazed at what the Netherlands looks like in miniature. There are lots of fun things to see, as well as fun activities and attractions.
  • One of the most beautiful zoos in the Netherlands, Diergaarde Blijdorp in Rotterdam, is definitely not to be missed. Not only will you find lots of animals, but also playgrounds.
  • Are you in South Holland in the period mid-March to early May? Then the Keukenhof in Lisse should not be missed. This park with thousands of different tulips is world-famous, so you are bound to walk among many tourists. But, for the true flower lover, the Keukenhof really is a must-see.
  • At the Archeon in Alphen aan de Rijn, you can immerse yourself in the history of the Netherlands. From prehistory around 8800 BC, the Roman period, the Vikings and the Middle Ages to 1350 AD. There is plenty to do and experience for the kids. Maybe you will also get to sword fight for a while!
  • Discover the human body at CORPUS in Oegstgeest. Take a spectacular 'journey through man' and see, feel and hear how our ingenious body works. How does your body react to a splinter? What happens in your ear when you listen to music? And how do the lungs actually breathe?
  • There is certainly nature to be found in South Holland too. It's not a lot, but the spots that are there are beautiful. The Green Heart (near Woerden) is a great place for walking and cycling. And the Midden Delfland area and the Nieuwkoop or Reeuwijk lakes also lend themselves well to a walk or bike ride. And of course, don't forget the dunes, the sea and the beach.
  • Last but not least, there are two fun amusement parks to be found in South Holland. The family park Drievliet in The Hague is a fun amusement park for children, even the littlest ones. Duinrell in Wassenaar is another must-see. This amusement park has a very nice swimming pool: the Tiki Pool. Looking for an indoor playground? There are plenty of those too!
Here's why you should book a holiday with FarmCamps!

The main reasons why you should book a holiday with FarmCamps? We will tell you!

1. Staying on a real farm

FarmCamps means staying with the whole family on a real farm! No TV or iPad, but waking up among the cows, playing hide-and-seek in the haystack and helping the farmer in the fields. After this holiday, you will know all about farm life and milking cows and looking after chickens and rabbits will be a breeze for you.

2. Good Weather Guarantee

We can well imagine that you are a little doubtful about the weather. What if the weather is bad just in your holidays? Don't worry, that's no problem at all. In case of bad weather, you can use our Good Weather Guarantee and rebook your holiday for free. Read here how this exactly works.

3. 100% animal fun

On every farm, there are a lot of sweet, soft, woolly animals ready to be cared for and cuddled by you. A dream for every child! Know exactly which animals can be found on your favourite farm? You can select this very easily on our book page.

4. Also for luxury horses

Of course, you also want a little bit of luxury and comfort. We understand this like no other. That's why all our glamping tents are luxurious and immensely comfortable. Lovely beds, a relaxing sofa (or how about a hammock?) and a nice kitchen and private toilet. Some tents even have a private bathroom!

5. Educational and fun at the same time

There is plenty to learn on the farm! At check-in, the kids get a Farmers' Passport with all the fun and educational assignments. Besides, the farmer could use your help and of course you will learn a lot from that. One thing is certain: at the end of your stay on the farm, it will no longer be a secret for you how the milk ends up in the supermarket milk carton!

Farms in this province

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