The best holidays with children in the Netherlands

Stay on a real farm

Looking for a holiday in the Netherlands with young children?

Looking for a holiday in the Netherlands with young children? You will find our FarmCamps farms from South Holland to North Brabant and from North Holland to Limburg. Camping on a farm is unique. You sleep in a luxury glamping tent in the middle of the animals. The children can entertain themselves, cannot easily leave the farmyard and are easy on the eye. So a 100% child-friendly holiday. Get ready for lazing in the haystack, building tree houses and playing in the yard. Boredom is not an option on the farm!

A little bit of work needs to be done...

We must remain honest. A farm holiday doesn’t just mean lazing around and relaxing. There is also a bit of work to be done of course 😉 The farmer desperately needs your help feeding the animals and mucking out the stables. Maybe there is a job to be done on the land or a calf is just born. It’s all possible! In any case, our farmers are ready to teach you the ropes of farming. Did we mention that our farmers are the best in the Netherlands?

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Holiday in the Netherlands? Choose a FarmCamps farm

Our farms are small, cosy and always enjoyable. There is plenty of choice. for instance, we have sheep farms, alpaca farms and dairy farms. There is even a real play and learning farm where you can work on your farming skills. A horse fan in the family? Then go for a horse farm!

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Our farms

Also for luxury lovers

We have made the glamping tents as luxurious and comfortable as possible. Think: comfortable beds, a private toilet, hot water and a kitchen with all the trimmings. You can even make your favourite coffee. Want a private bathroom with bath and shower next to the tent? Then choose one of our Ranchtents. You can read more about our glamping tents here.

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On holiday with children in the Netherlands? These are the frequently asked questions.

How is the glamping tent furnished?

Your own tent is fully furnished and fully equipped. You sleep in comfortable beds and in each tent there is a comfortable sofa and a large table for playing games. The kitchen has running water, a gas cooker, a small fridge and a good espresso machine. And, of course, plenty of kitchen inventory. Many of our tents also have an outdoor fireplace by the tent. Good to know: there is no microwave or oven in the tent.

We have different types of tents: you can choose from a luxury safari tent, luxury farm tent or luxury lodge tent. Check them all out here! Whichever tent you choose; they are all child-friendly accommodation.

Unfortunately, our tents do not have a standard baby bed and/or high chair. However, our baby package does include a cot (and a high chair and changing mat). You can hire these for €16.

Should I bring my own groceries?

This is possible, but not necessary. There is always a supermarket nearby where you can buy groceries. You can find the address of the nearest supermarket in the information folder in the tent. Many FarmCamps farms also have a small farm shop with a basic range of food and delicacies. Most farms also offer a sandwich service.

Which farms can I choose from?

You can choose from these different types of farms: an arable farm, an alpaca farm, an organic farm, a cheese farm, a dairy farm, a horse farm, a sheep farm, a play and learning farm and a cattle farm. You can also choose whether you want a farm near the forest, for example, or a farm by the sea. Whichever farm you choose, you can be sure to spend a holiday surrounded by nature.

Is there actually enough to do during a holiday in the Netherlands

Absolutely! There is plenty to do for young and old on the farm. You can help the farmer look after the animals or do chores in the fields. There is always plenty to play with on the farm too: how about go-karts, trampolines and sandboxes? Moreover, the farmer and farmer’s wife often think up all kinds of fun activities.

Nearby, there is often plenty to discover too, such as quiet beaches, beautiful nature and nice towns. Being away in your own country is not so crazy after all.

When to check in and check out


You can check in between 15:00 and 19:00 on Mondays and Fridays. If you are going to be late, please inform the farmer directly. You will receive the phone number of the farm by e-mail 3 days before arrival.


You have until 10 a.m. on Mondays and Fridays to check out. Have you booked a short weekend? Then you can stay until 17.00 on Sunday. Exceptions are Easter Monday and Whit Monday, when you can check out until 5 pm.

Can I stay overnight at a FarmCamps farm with a young baby?


On holiday in the Netherlands: what if the weather is bad?

Should it be chilly, we recommend dressing in layers. Also bear in mind that it can be chilly inside the tent if it is cold or windy outside. Bring warm clothes for the evenings.

If rain is forecast, we recommend bringing rubber boots and good rainwear for the children. Also think about some old clothes for the kids, as they are guaranteed to get dirty playing on the farm.

Important during a holiday with children: is there wifi in the tent?

At almost all our FarmCamps farms, there is free wifi at the reception. Some farms even have wifi signal in the tents. If you want to know which locations these are, check our website under ‘Our Farms‘ and select the filter ‘Wifi in the tent’.

Good to know: some farms are remote and therefore do not always have a good wifi signal. Unfortunately, at FarmCamps De Geele Bosch and FarmCamps De Verloren Kost, due to the location, not enough MBs are received for a good connection.

Do you have a question? You can always email us.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

On weekdays between 09:00 and 17:00

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