The FarmCamps Koepon ©

Give a farm adventure as a gift!

FarmCamps Koepon©

Give a FarmCamps Koepon as a gift!

Giving an original and cool gift is difficult. And if you are not careful, nine out of ten times you come home with a gift certificate. Nothing wrong with that, but if you do, do it right and give the FarmCamps Koepon© as a present. “Almighty wonderful, cow Bertha eighty-eight” our farmer Eddy would say.

The Koepon© is not a boring, standard coupon to ‘just pick something nice’. It is a Koepon© that will give the recipient the vacation of his life. Give the Koepon© as a gift in the shoe, under the Christmas tree, surprise your (grand)children for their birthday, thank your best friends with a weekend away or just for fun!

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