Cattle farm in Meliskerke, Zeeland

Little Bo-Peep has lost her sheep

If counting sheep is your way of getting to sleep then look no further than here. It’s doubtful that you’ll count them all though as there are more than 200 sheep milked daily by Farmer Albert and farmer’s wife Annelie. ‘The cow jumps over the moon’ here to taste their delicious homemade cheese and yogurt made with sheep milk!

Alongside the countless sheep and lambs here you’ll also discover the mighty Blonde d’Aquitaine breed of cattle – a sight to behold indeed.

This farm is just 10 minutes away from one of the many Walcheren coast beaches, including the well-known resort of Domburg.

On Sundays, the farming family at Mariekerke spend time alone with their loved ones so please note that there are no organized activities.

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What a great choice!

Sheep shearing with the farmer!

This is what makes this farm so much fun!

Take a sneak peek at Mariekerke

Where do I sleep

The Walcheren region in Zeeland is renowned for its coastline full of beautiful beaches and the famous towns of Middelburg and Vlissingen. On this farm, you are never far from any of these.

At FarmCamps Mariekerke you can choose from 4 different types of luxury tents. There are 12 or our luxury, fully equipped Safari Tents including a private toilet. Showers are in the nearby heated bathing facilities. Or you can treat yourself to a little extra luxury with one of our 5 fully equipped Lodge Tents including private bathrooms and 6 equally luxurious Barn Tents with even a bath in the tent. There is plenty of choice!

This farm does not offer self-pitching options.

This FarmCamps farm is located on a quiet road and is surrounded by pastures and fields. Just down the road is a small petting zoo for your mini-farmers and an ice cream parlour. Within a short 5km you’ll find yourself standing on glorious beaches enjoying the views.

The 12 luxury Safari Tents are divided between two large fields, both offering views on to the playground. While your mini-farmers run around and enjoy themselves, you can keep an eye on them from the comfort of your relaxing chair. The 5 Lodge Tents are located close to the pastures where the sheep and cattle graze.

The 6 luxurious Barntents are situated on a lovely field on the edge of the farm with a large sandpit for the kids. Guaranteed privacy.

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Luxury Safari Tents

Luxury Safari tent with toilet in the tent. Spaciously furnished with, among other things, a cozy living space.

Luxury Farm T ents

Luxury Farm Tent with toilet in the tent. Spaciously furnished with, among other things, a cozy living space.

Luxury Lodge Tents

Luxury Lodge Tent with bathroom in the tent. Spaciously furnished with, among other things, a cozy living space.

Luxury Barn Tents

Luxury Barn Tent with bathroom in the tent. Spaciously furnished with, among other things, a cozy living space.

Finding out is fun!

No farm adventure would be complete without learning a thing or two from the professionals. Farmer Albert and farmer’s wife Annelie take this very personally! So you can expect to join Farmer Albert to learn how he milks and shears his sheep together with helping to feed the lambs, rabbits and other animals.

If you are more in the mood to play then you won’t be disappointed! Here you’ll find go-karting, trampolines and a sand pit great for building sand castles. Here there are no rules – just enjoy yourself!

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Farmer’s Passport

During check-in all children are offered a Farmer’s Passport from FarmCamps. These are loaded with fun and educational activities which they can do independently or together with their farmer. Your mini-farmers can discover and experience real life on a farm.

For each completed task they will receive a stamp in their Farmer’s Passport. When their work is done they will graduate with their own farmhand diploma!

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Farm Tours

During your stay Farmer Albert will show you the ropes with a guided tour of the farm. He will share with you the pleasure they get from working the land and raising their livestock.

Experience this unique chance to go where only farmers dare to go and soak up the special stories they´ll share with you about the farm they love and care for.

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Creative time with the Farmers’ Wife

In this creative workshop together with Annelie you can make a little sheep to take home from real sheep’s wool.

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Farmer’s Table

During a cozy ‘Zeeuws’ style coffee hour with unlimited coffee, tea and squash and a delicious local sweet treat, you can chat with and get to know the Farmer’s family, ask them your questions and listen to their stories.

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Sheep Shearing

The sheep on the farm need to be regularly sheared. Fancy trying it out for yourself? They why not join Farmer Albert and earn your sheep shearing diploma!

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Tractor ride

Now how cool would that be: a ride on a huge real tractor! Farmer Albert takes the kids out for a spin every week. An unforgettable experience.

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What better way is there to soak up the beautiful landscape than to take a lovely bike ride from the farm. Luckily you can hire a range of bikes on the farm. There are electric bikes, children’s bikes and even the popular Babboe box bike, perfect for packing everything in for a family trip to the beach.

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If you prefer to play, then you will certainly enjoy yourself on the farm. Go karting, jumping on the trampoline or making sand pies in the sandpit. Everything is possible and allowed.

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Practical & delicious

Looking for ultimate relaxation? Well look no further because Farmer Albert is up and about at the crack of dawn and happy to deliver breakfast to your tent! Or maybe you fancy an evening BBQ? Not to worry, Farmer’s wife Annelie will organise this for you. And of course there is always the large on-site farm shop where you can pick up your basics, some local treats, freshly baked bread and farm products like sheep’s cheese and meat – now that’s handy!

No one likes going home with a bag of dirty washing, so we recommend you order the towel bundle and rent some genuine FarmCamp overalls for the kids. Your mini-farmers will not only look great but their clothes will not get so dirty either!

You can order all your extras at the point of booking, but if you are not sure yet don’t worry, you can also order them on the spot.

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Breakfast in Tent!

A deliciously fresh farmers breakfast delivered to your tent including fresh bread, milk, juice, yoghurt, eggs (you cook these to your own liking) and of course a variety of condiments.

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A farmers market BBQ

Treat yourself to a tasty farmers BBQ including local artisan meats, salads, bread and sauces and of course it wouldn’t be complete without a treat for the kids. The barbecue (charcoal or gas) is included in the price.

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Baby bundles

No need to lug around your own baby gear! This package includes a baby bed, high chair and a changing mat. Don’t forget to bring your baby’s own bed linen though.

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FarmCamp Mini-Farmers Overalls

Not only will your mini-farmers look very cool in these red overalls but you’ll be sure their clothes don’t get ruined!

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Towel bundles

Includes 1 x large and 1 x small white towels. Perfect for leaving washing behind at the end of your holiday!

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A welcoming bed

For €5.50 per bed we’ll make sure your beds are ready and waiting for you. Fall into them as soon as you arrive and let the relaxation begin!

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Not a moment’s boredom!

Watching other families enjoy themselves here shows us how few leave the farm since there is so much to see and do. Here the kids are in their element and don’t have time to get bored! That´s why the parents are having a great time too.

But if you do want to discover the local environment that Walcheren offers then you’ll find beautiful beaches and charming coastal towns a short distance from the farm, together with Middelburg, Veere and Vlissingen nearby.

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Beaches: Domburg and Zoutelande

Nearby the farm are many stunning beaches. Just 5km away, Zouteland is the closest beach offering a long, sandy coastline and beautiful, high sandy dunes. A stone’s throw further at 7km from the farm and you will find yourself at the well-known seaside resort of Domburg. In short, FarmCamps Mariekerk is located near all the beaches of Walcheren.

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Paradise De Parel

Domburg offers a wide range of tropical indoor swimming facilities that can be enjoyed by guests of all ages, regardless of the weather. The swimming paradise has a large indoor pool with a rapids area together with a paddling pool, a giant water slide (79 metres long!), a ‘Pelican Dive’ (for daredevils), an outdoor pool and sunbathing area.

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Het Arsenaal Pirate Park

Het Arsenaal in Vlissingen is a two-in-one theme park. Here you can live the life of a pirate and come face to face with a shark when exploring the underwater world of the North Sea in the large aquarium.

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Family Amusement Park Mini Mundi

Located in Middelburg this amusement park boasts an indoor playground, outdoor amusement park and the newly laid out miniature park with its sunken walking routes and miniature buildings of Walcheren. Take the delightful Mini Mundi Express train to discover the whole park!

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Glow in the dark golf

GlowGolf in Middleburg turns mini golf into a complete new experience. The indoor mini golf course is lit up by black lights. The 18-hole course is surrounded by glow in the dark animals like elephants, tigers and other jungle animals!

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Iguana Reptile Zoo, Vlissingen

Step into the wonderful world of the Iguana Reptile Zoo and come face to face with its exotic inhabitants. Huge lizards, iguanas and snakes make this place their home. This park takes care of those reptiles that cannot be released back into nature.

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Terra Maris

Situated in the beautiful “De Manteling” nature reserve at Oostkapelle, Terra Maris is the museum to go to if you want to explore the natural environment of the province of Zeeland. Various activities designed to engage children with the natural surroundings are organised throughout the year such as beachcombing.

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Delta Park Neeltje Jans

At the Delta Park Neeltje Jans you can learn about the history of the Delta Works – built to keep everyone safe and to prevent a recurrence of the 1953 flood disaster – and the power of wind and water when combined. Step into a simulator and feel the force of a hurricane or take a boat trip out see to the Delta Works. There is extra fun for the kids with a sea lion show and the water playground.

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Zeeland Maritime MuZEEum

At this fun museum in Vlissingen you’ll discover what the sea means to the locals (known as ‘Zeelanders’) in four different themes: Water, Work, Glory and Adventure. There is a fun treasure hunt and many other games, for instance you can try to steer a ship safely into the port of Antwerp!

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The kids will never be bored at FarmCamps Mariekerke

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Sublime! A wonderful holiday in a relaxed atmosphere, with incredibly warm, child-friendly farmers. Our son and the whole family really enjoyed it!

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