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When will you visit a FarmCamps farm?

And now a real holiday

Did you know that, as parents, you also have holidays? You would almost forget it between working, washing, cooking, playing sports, helping with homework, driving to sports clubs and your own social life.

But really, mum and dad also need a moment of relaxation and rest every now and then… and we’re not talking about those few hours when the kids are in bed. No, real holidays. The kind where you get to laze around, read (whether serious literature or the Linda), hang out in the hammock and soothingly cuddle a cow. Yes you read it right, cow cuddling, after all you are on the farm.

Oh and the kids? They’ll keep themselves busy!

Vacation overview

Easter weekend

Easter weekend on the farm!

Getting away for the Easter weekend with the whole family?

Welcome to FarmCamps, where Easter will be an egg this year! Literally, because the chickens on the farm have been working overtime to lay enough eggs for all our guests. And rest assured, they’re not just for the Easter bunny!

Come spend a long weekend at Easter in a glamping tent on a real farm. Of course, we don’t have to explain to you that looking for eggs at Easter on a farm is the most fun. Enjoy spring, the young animals in the meadow and experience what it is like on the farm. No iPad and TV for a while, but milking cows, brushing ponies and playing in the yard.

During Easter you don’t have to go far away at all, you can just go to the farm, just as much fun! And maybe even more fun, because for busy parents, an Easter weekend at the farm is not at all crazy. How about reading a book by the woodstove or on the veranda, going for a bike ride or having a cosy barbecue together by the tent. Easter has never been so relaxed. After a few days of glamping at the farm, you will all feel great again.

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May holiday

Last minute May holidays in the sun

Pick spring on the farm!

May holiday on the farm

The May holidays are ideal for getting away from it all in the Netherlands. Enjoy warm temperatures, sunshine and beautiful nature. And where better than on a real farm? Newborn animals, a nap in the hammock, watching cows graze in the meadow….The farm is the place to enjoy a relaxing May holiday. We would know it!

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Luscious midweek away on the farm with Ascension Day

There is plenty to do on the farm during the midweek with Ascension Day. Play in the haybarn, climb on the tractor tyre climbing tower, milk cows with the farmer or bake biscuits and make ice cream with the farmer’s wife. The kids discover every nook and cranny of the farm while mum and dad relax in peace in the hammock or on the veranda at the luxury glamping tent. You can’t imagine a better Ascension midweek, can you?

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Whitsun weekend

Whitsun is celebrated on the farm at FarmCamps

Another long weekend recharging on the farm? With an extra day off, Whitsunday lends itself perfectly to this. A weekend of reading books in the hay, cuddling with the cows and walking with alpacas. Unwind and enjoy a few days of real Dutch farm life. And all in a luxury glamping tent. You can’t imagine a better Whitsun weekend, can you?

Long weekend away at Whitsunday on the farm

You may be wondering, “Camping on the farm, will I survive?” Of course, you want some luxury and to be pampered. We understand that very well. That is why we have made our tents as luxurious and comfortable as possible. They are not called glamping tents for nothing! This means: luxury camping! Think: comfortable beds, a private toilet, hot water and a kitchen with all the essentials. You can even make your favourite coffee. Want a private bathroom with bath and shower next to the tent? Then choose one of our Ranchtents. Want to know more about our tents? Here we tell you all about it….

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Summer holidays

Booking summer holidays with small children?

Looking for a fun summer holiday with children? Camping on a farm is totally fun for kids! They can play hide and seek in the hay, cuddle with the cows and groom goats. Besides, on the farm you really have some time for your family and no distractions from the TV or iPad. The kids can just play, get dirty, get their feet in the grass and make new friends. That’s how a summer holiday should be! And all in a luxury glamping tent. You can’t imagine a better summer holiday with the kids, can you?

Book your stay in the summer holidays and ensure yourself the ideal summer holiday.

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Autumn holidays

Autumn holidays on the farm

Where better to enjoy autumn than in the countryside. After all, it is just as cosy and warm and cozy as at home, but more fun ;-)! Because whether it’s raining or windy, it certainly won’t be boring. Moreover, in autumn, nature is at its most beautiful and going into the forest together is also a very good idea. There is plenty to do there.

Go with the farmer to milk the cows, or bake biscuits with the farmer’s wife. And how about building huts in the haybarn or cuddling rabbits.

And now, should it really be a bit colder, you will all cozy up to the heater in the tent and it will be time to explore that super cool game box. It is packed with games that will keep you busy for a week. Play games together.

The FarmCamps farmers are ready and won’t let a little cold or rain stop them. So hop, pack those boots and off to the farm with the whole family.

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