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FarmCamps ♥ ponies

FarmCamps ♥ ponies

Is your daughter or son crazy about horses and ponies? That’s right, so are we! And so are our farmers. FarmCamps is a great place for pony fans, because at many of our farms you can cuddle ponies, take riding lessons or have your own grooming pony for a few days. At some farms you can also bring your own horse or pony. So there are plenty of possibilities! Our horses and ponies are eager to meet you. You will find all our horse and pony options below… So you and the kids can take your time to see what you like best! Are you ready for it?

Pony information

Grooming pony

Having your own pony during your holiday, how fun is that! At FarmCamps, you can book a pony with your holiday and have the time of your life.
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Riding lessons

Riding lessons at FarmCamps for real horse fans. Improve your riding skills or take your first riding lesson at one of the FarmCamps farms.
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Walking pony

Ponies love walking. Then opt for a walk through the dunes or the polder with our cutest ponies. At FarmCamps, of course!
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Cuddle pony

Cuddle pony at FarmCamps, for real horse geeks! Book your own cuddly pony with your holiday and brush, cuddle and groom a pony!
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Bring your own pony

Taking your own horse or pony on holiday, how lovely is that! At FarmCamps, you can bring your own pony at six of our farms.
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Horseback riding for adults

Adults love horse riding too. Then check out the horse-riding options at one of FarmCamps' farms!
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Pony Diploma Package

Find out if horse riding is really for you with the Pony Diploma Package at FarmCamps! Super fun to do!
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Pony package

Be assured of a unique pony experience and fun pony activities with FarmCamps' pony package. Lessons or fun games every day!
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On pony holidays, I would like to…

…ride a Shetlander every day of the holiday!

Then go for the pony package! The package for children who like to ride a pony and play and cuddle with a Shetlander every day. You will be ridden on a shetlander pony (B, C, D or E). A unique experience for every pony fan.

…get a real pony diploma!

Become a real pony pro with the Pony Diploma Package. The activity for all children whose pony love is starting to take serious shape. You will learn everything about horses and ponies in a number of lessons. From pony care to riding a pony. And the best part? Every lesson you get to ride a pony yourself. You take rides in the indoor or outdoor arena. At the end of your stay, you take an exam where you show your parents what you have learned.

…have my own cuddle pony on the farm!

When you are little, life is not always fair, because you are not yet allowed to do everything. And if you love ponies then it’s not always nice. And sometimes you can get a bit angry with mum and dad. That is why we have the ideal solution for the little ones: the cuddly pony! You can brush, groom, feed and hug this cuddly pony all you want, of course! Ideal for little horse lovers!

…take the whole family for fun walks with the pony!

At many of our farms (FarmCamps De Smulhoeve, FarmCamps Five Star, FarmCamps Fleur Stables, FarmCamps De Buitenhoeve and FarmCamps De Bosrand) you and your parents can take wonderful walks through nature with the ponies. The ideal compromise for parents who like to go out and children who prefer to stay with the ponies. Recognisable?

…take my own pony to a FarmCamps farm!

Did we hear that right? Do you have your own pony or horse? How lucky you are! We understand that you like to take your faithful companion with you on holiday. No problem: at many of our FarmCamps farms you can bring your own horse or pony.

…finally have my ‘own’ pony!

For months and maybe even years you have been asking for it: you soooo want your own pony! Until now, your parents haven’t really given in. A holiday at FarmCamps is the ideal solution. In fact, at some farms it is possible to have your ‘own’ pony during your holiday to groom, ride, brush and cuddle. A holiday with your own pony, how much fun is that? This is all possible at our farms FarmCamps De Smulhoeve and FarmCamps Fleur Stables!

…learn to ride like a pro!

Did you know that there are some very good and sweet instructors walking around at our FarmCamps farms? The ideal opportunity to take a riding lesson (or several!) under the watchful eye of a qualified instructor. From beginner to experienced rider: all horse lovers are welcome!

For the adult horse geeks

Hey, we haven’t forgotten about you guys! There are obviously horse lovers who are not so little anymore. Do you enjoy riding horses yourself? Taking a lesson? Adults can also indulge their horse passion at some horse farms. From experienced rider to ‘it’s been a while’. It’s all possible. Check out the options here.

What makes camping at a farm so much fun?

You camp in luxury and without worries

You can camp in luxury on FarmCamps farms in a real glamping tent. Our tents are completely furnished and fully equipped. Good beds, a nice sofa, a kitchen with gas cooker and espresso machine. Find out more about our tents here.

The nicest farmers

Our farmers are the nicest in the Netherlands. They have been specially selected for their enthusiasm and are ready to tell you all about farm life. The farmer and farmer’s wife often have young children of different ages as well, so it is always fun on the farm!

For young and old

Camping on a farm is fun for both young and old. Whether you go for a midweek or just a weekend. There is plenty to do! While the children are out and about with the farmer or farmer’s wife or playing with their new friends, parents can go running, cycling or finally read that book.

Camping on a real farm

Camping on a farm is of course a unique experience. You wake up among the cows or horses (or both!) and really get the chance to experience Dutch farm life to the full. From feeding the animals to making cheese.

A bit worse weather? No problem!

Is the weather a bit worse? No problem! There are lots of games in our tents. A good time for a game marathon in the tent! Is your holiday really about to fall apart? Then take advantage of our Fine Weather Guarantee and rebook your holiday for free.

Book a pony holiday?

Are you ready for the best family holiday or just a lovely weekend away? Then book directly on our handy booking page. Discover all our locations in Drenthe, Gelderland, Limburg, Brabant, Holland, Utrecht, Zeeland and Friesland. Still have questions? Then ask them by phone on 088-8889188 or send an e-mail.

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