10 - children on the fence
10 - children on the fence

What is FarmCamps?

FarmCamps: an unforgettable outdoor holiday experience – packed full of adventure and fun!

Why go on holiday far away when there are so many beautiful places to discover in the Netherlands? At FarmCamps, we know how to find them. Escape from the daily busy life to be together and enjoy life on the farm!

Out and about with the farmer, cuddle with the animals, swing in the Hay Barn, splash around at the Water Fun Meadow and learn about the farm together through play. Or be guided by the rhythm of the day.

You stay with friends, family or colleagues in luxury Safari Tents, Hay Tents, Ranch Tents, Farm Tents, Lodge Tents or Barn Tents. Glamping at its finest!

FarmCamps is the alternative to large-scale bungalow, mobile home parks and campsites where you have to bring your own tent, caravan or motorhome.

Each FarmCamps farm is unique in its type, size and environment. However, the comfort, hospitality and familiar feeling is the same at all FarmCamps farms.

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Why FarmCamps?

A look into the kitchen

At FarmCamps, you really are on holiday at the farmer’s and get a glimpse of what it is like to live there. Come and milk the cows, make real farmer’s custard or take a ride on the tractor. After your holiday, you will know so much about farm life that your own life will never be the same again. You also carry out fun and educational assignments with the Farmers Passport. Have you completed them all? Then you get a Farmhand Diploma.


Free Farmer's Passport

A passport is not necessary during your holiday in the Netherlands. A pity, because getting a stamp from the destination where you have been is so much fun! That is why all children receive the Farmers Passport when they meet the farmer and farmer’s wife, in which they can collect stamps. It also contains educational and, above all, fun tasks that you can do yourself or together with the farmer.

OVOM Good weather guarantee

Rain or

Staying in a tent is super fun and tents are therefore suitable for all types of weather. But if it keeps raining or it is suddenly very cold, this can take away from the holiday fun. Despite the nice heater in the tent.

No stress, because we have the Fine Weather Guarantee on all arrivals, throughout the year. If your holiday threatens to fall through or if it’s really too cold, you can simply rebook for free!

For the whole family

Life on the farm never stands still. There is plenty to do every day for the whole family! Dad can enjoy bbqing and fishing, mum can relax in the hammock or cuddle with the kittens and the kids have fun discovering everything on the farm. Like milking cows, grooming ponies, shearing sheep or playing in the Hay Barn. And these activities are also super fun to do together with the whole family.

100% kidsproof

FarmCamps is extra fun for children, so it is important that our farms are 100% kidsproof. That is why we have thought carefully about the layout and use of play equipment, and safety comes first. It is clearly laid out so that even the smallest children cannot slip out. For example, there are fences around the play equipment or the location is spacious so that the children can be watched closely.

Luxury & comfort

There is no lack of luxury and comfort at FarmCamps. For example, all our luxury tents are equipped with real beds and a toilet, a lovely sitting area and dining area to enjoy an extensive breakfast. Some tents even have their own bathroom! You don’t have to take care of breakfast yourself. That will be brought by our farmers’ wives in the morning. And do you like your bed already made when you arrive? We can arrange that too. And that’s not all…

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Our farms

This makes FarmCamps extra fun


Farmer’s Passport

At check-in, children will receive FarmCamps’ Farmers Passport. These are loaded with fun and educational activities which they can do independently or together with their farmer.

For each completed task they will receive a stamp in their Farmer’s Passport. Are all assignments done well? Then, of course, they deserve the one and only Farmhand Diploma!

Farm Tours

During each stay, our farmers give a Tour de Boer (farm tour) of their yard. They will be happy to tell you how they work and show you around their farm.

This will take you to places you wouldn’t normally go and you will get to hear very special stories about life on the farm where you are staying.

Farmer’s Passport

For the
entire family

Good Weather


& comfort

at the farmers'

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