What is FarmCamps?

FarmCamps: an unforgettable outdoor holiday experience – packed full of adventure and fun!

Why go on holiday far away when there are so many beautiful places to discover in the Netherlands? At FarmCamps, we know how to find them. Escape from the daily busy life to be together and enjoy life on the farm!

Out and about with the farmer, cuddle with the animals, swing in the Hay Barn, splash around at the Water Fun Meadow and learn about the farm together through play. Or be guided by the rhythm of the day.

You stay with friends, family or colleagues in luxury Safari Tents, Hay Tents, Ranch Tents, Farm Tents, Lodge Tents or Barn Tents. Glamping at its finest!

FarmCamps is the alternative to large-scale bungalow, mobile home parks and campsites where you have to bring your own tent, caravan or motorhome.

Each FarmCamps farm is unique in its type, size and environment. However, the comfort, hospitality and familiar feeling is the same at all FarmCamps farms.

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Why FarmCamps?

For the whole family

Life on the farm never stands still. There is plenty to do every day for the whole family! Dad can enjoy bbqing and fishing, mum can relax in the hammock or cuddle with the kittens and the kids have fun discovering everything on the farm. Like milking cows, grooming ponies, shearing sheep or playing in the Hay Barn. And these activities are also super fun to do together with the whole family.

100% kidsproof

FarmCamps is extra fun for children, so it is important that our farms are 100% kidsproof. That is why we have thought carefully about the layout and use of play equipment, and safety comes first. It is clearly laid out so that even the smallest children cannot slip out. For example, there are fences around the play equipment or the location is spacious so that the children can be watched closely.

Luxury & comfort

There is no lack of luxury and comfort at FarmCamps. For example, all our luxury tents are equipped with real beds and a toilet, a lovely sitting area and dining area to enjoy an extensive breakfast. Some tents even have their own bathroom! You don’t have to take care of breakfast yourself. That will be brought by our farmers’ wives in the morning. And do you like your bed already made when you arrive? We can arrange that too. And that’s not all…

A look into the kitchen

At FarmCamps, you really are on holiday at the farmer’s and get a glimpse of what it is like to live there. Come and milk the cows, make real farmer’s custard or take a ride on the tractor. After your holiday, you will know so much about farm life that your own life will never be the same again. You also carry out fun and educational assignments with the Farmers Passport. Have you completed them all? Then you get a Farmhand Diploma.


Free Farmer's Passport

A passport is not necessary during your holiday in the Netherlands. A pity, because getting a stamp from the destination where you have been is so much fun! That is why all children receive the Farmers Passport when they meet the farmer and farmer’s wife, in which they can collect stamps. It also contains educational and, above all, fun tasks that you can do yourself or together with the farmer.


Good weather at all times

Staying in a tent is super fun and tents are therefore suitable for all types of weather. But if it keeps raining or it is suddenly very cold, this can take away from the holiday fun. Despite the nice heater in the tent.

No stress, because we have the Fine Weather Guarantee on all arrivals, throughout the year. If your holiday threatens to fall through or if it’s really too cold, you can just  rebook   for free!

Our farms

Blog - FarmCamps Stolkse Weide Zuid Holland Durkje en Wilco gezinsfoto in de stal overall

Stolkse Weide

Surrounded by exceptional peace and tranquility, here you can discover the true beauty of typical Dutch polder landscape together with Farmer Wilco and Farmer’s wife Durkje. Imagine looking out from your tent over open meadows, watching the grazing sheep and cows while spotting a few birds too!
FarmCamps De Bosrand Drenthe gezinsfoto boer boerin zoon op de trekker band zitten lachen

De Bosrand

It was not only love at first sight for farmer Martijn and farmer's wife Naduah when they met each other...... it was the same when they saw farm De Bosrand for the first time.
FarmCamps de Buitenhoeve Gelderland boer en boerin kinderen koeien kaas in de wei

De Buitenhoeve

Highschool Sweethearts, that's what you can call farmer Aico and farmer's wife Kirsten. Because in high school 10 years ago, their life together began. Where farmer Aico's love lay with the farm where he grew up, Kirsten's heart lay with making cheese.


1, 2, 3, 4, 5........ Counting sheep when you can't get to sleep. On Albert, Annelie, Rutger and Alide's farm you won't get bored. The kids won't get bored for a moment here!

Five Star

This former arable farm from Farmer Jan and his wife Ella now turns it’s hand to all things equine, together with a ‘nature education center’. No longer a working farm, FarmCamps Five Star looks to teach your mini-farmers in a fun and enjoyable way about agriculture and farm life.
De Verloren Kost - Annemarie and Sherman

De Verloren Kost

Contrary to the rest of Holland, South Limburg boasts beautiful rolling hills where you can almost forget you are in The Netherlands. Nestled between the valleys surrounding Gulpen lies FarmCamps De Verloren Kost. The meandering drive up to the farm is as spectacular as the location itself.
FarmCamps De Geele Bosch - Bill, Ella en Michel en familie

De Geele Bosch

Meet Farmer Bill, his wife Ella and their son Michel. Together, they moved into this beautiful Frisian farm at beginning of 2017. In addition to their cattle farm, they also started a small horse livery and stables.
FarmCamps ´t Looveld Drenthe family picture farmer farmer's wife children tractor

‘t Looveld

Want to meet Maxima in person? You can at FarmCamps 't Looveld in Drenthe. On this traditional dairy farm, farmer Johan and farmer's wife Matine give their dairy cows all royal names, so here you will meet them all.
FarmCamps Fleur Stables Noord-Holland gezinsfoto boer boerin dochter in de wei honden in de hand paarden

Fleur Stables

Are you crazy about horses or a real beach lover? Or just both... Then FarmCamps Fleur Stables is the ideal place! At this horse pension, 50 horses and ponies "live" and it is less than 10 km from the well-known North Holland seaside resort Callantsoog.

Hoeve Luyterheyde

On the farm of farmer Frank and farmer Eva, their herd of Brandrode cattle graze outside all year round. Are you coming to stay at the farm? Eva and Frank are happy to teach you everything about inclusive, small-scale livestock farming. In addition to those beautiful cattle, there are many more lovely animals living on the farm, such as ponies, pigs and kittens.

Soodehof Eins

Fairytales come true on Günther and Juliane's farm in Hofgeismar in Germany. Their farm is home to lots of lovely animals, and they also do arable farming on their 260 hectares of land!


Meet Sentine, Gavin and their three children Jacob, Alice and Tobias. This cute couple met in a construction site in Middelburg. He was the archaeologist and she the intern.

De Bonte Fries

Meet farmer Piet and farmer's wife Marije. At this farm in Friesland, it's a colourful mess of animals where having fun is the main thing!
FarmCamps Op Flakkee South Holland family photo farmer and farmer's wife children cows in the meadow dog

Op Flakkee

At this modern dairy farm on the island of Goeree-Overflakkee, it’s not only you that enjoys pure luxury for the cows here are treated like royal princesses. Farmer Huibert, his wife Annet four children Coren, Annelie, William and Marijn.

Alpaca Vorstenbosch

While staying on the farm of farmers Willem-Mathijs, Anne and their two kids Evi and Nina, you will become familiar with the miraculous world of the alpaca.
FarmCamps BoeBaDoe limburg gezin foto boer en boerin kinderen meisje aait koe koeien in de wei_kleuren bewerkt


And fortunately, farmer Bart does not have to do it all alone because for several years, farmer Floor from Groningen has been living with him on the farm. Their love story resembles that of Farmer seeks wife, but via a farmer dating site.

De Smulhoeve

Not everything in Kaatsheuvel is a fairy tale, because this incredibly beautiful and cosy horse boarding house really exists! This is where farmer Karin Smulders lives with "our dad" and "our mum", husband Dennis and their 3 cool kids Mees (16 years old), Suus (14 years old) and Faas (10 years old).

De Kalverliefde

In Stramproy, Limburg, close to the Belgian border, you will find the farm of farmer Johan and farmer's wife Anna. Countless vegetables are grown on this farm and, as the name suggests, there are lots of calves!

Den Branderhorst

Here, time feels like it has stood still. As you arrive through the winding, tree-lined, uphill road to Den Branderhorst farm your stress will already begin to slip away. Farmer Eddy and his wife Anne-Marie enjoy taking their time to show you how a small-scale dairy farm works.


Typical “Brabant welcome” at FarmCamps Breehees Breehees Farmers Carolien and Huub welcome you to their farm with typical Brabant hospitality. Being proud ‘Brabanders’ through and through this comes as second nature to them. Carolien and Huub run this small scale livery and farm campsite, but you are also likely to bump into Mum and Dad, Mr. and Mrs. de Boer whilst out and about on the farm.
FarmCamps Hoeve Sonneclaer Drenthe boer en boerin samen met zoon in de wei lachen koeien

Hoeve Sonneclaer

Is this delicious organic ice cream really made from the milk of these cows? You bet it is! Every day, farmer Barend is busy tending to the cows and making fresh ice cream in the ice cream shop.
FarmCamps De Oostermaat gezinsfoto boer boerin weiland hond jongens zoons

De Oostermaat

At Pieperweg 3 in Genemuiden, Rindert and Gerdien do not grow potatoes, but keep 110 cows and about 50 young cattle! The modern dairy farm is hidden behind a dike in the central Netherlands, close to the beautiful Hanseatic cities and nature reserve Het Zwarte Meer.

De Kamperhoek

Attention moms and dads! FarmCamps De Kamperhoek is truly a Valhalla for tough boys and girls. Farmer Huub and his teenage sons proudly show you their shed full of large agricultural machines and tractors with which the farmer works his 70 hectares of fields.

Holzik Stables

Horse geeks beware! Do you love horses, ponies and everything that goes with them? Then Gert Jan and his team welcome you to this true horse and pony paradise!

Op de Beemd

Everyone knows the province of Zeeland, but did you know that there is a place called Zeeland? This pretty village is in north-eastern Brabant, a virtually undiscovered area near the Brabant town of Uden.

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