FarmCamps De Geele Bosch - Bill, Ella en Michel en familie

De Geele Bosch

Cattle farm in Oldeholtwolde, Friesland

Are you a fan of Friesland?

Meet Farmer Bill, his wife Ella and their son Michel. Together, they moved into this beautiful Frisian farm at beginning of 2017. In addition to their cattle farm, they also started a small horse livery and stables.

On their old farm, they kept over 300 dairy cows and calves but with the move to FarmCamps De Geele Bosch, they decided to take things a little bit more slowly. But that really didn’t happen! They just cannot sit still! Now Farmer Bill runs this young farm where he keeps around 40 dairy cows and calves. The young cows arrive at De Geele Bosch when they are around 4 months old and leave again when they are pregnant with their first calf. So, in fact, no cows are actually milked here but there is still plenty to see and do. Farmer Bill also spends a lot of time on his hobby: horses! And there something here just for your mini-farmers. Meet Elske: a sweet and cuddly pony that your mini-farmers can take care of, and of course, take a short ride on too!

Farmer’s Wife Ella is a busy bee and very creative. As your hostess, she will make sure that you want for nothing and she loves to organize fun activities for your mini-farmers (and you too!). Their son Michel works also on the farm. He is a real animal lover and spends his time around all the sweet animals on the farm.

Their farmhouse is situated in a beautiful and peaceful spot in the heart of Friesland (or as the locals say ‘Fryslân’). An exciting adventure forest on-site keeps your mini-farmers playing for hours where they can also gather wood for the camp fire or build wooden huts. But if you do want to discover the local environment then in Terherne, near Lake Sneekermeer, you can discover the characters from the famous Dutch children’s fiction series called ‘Schippers van de Kameleon’ (The Chameleon). Take a boat and sail out to the Chameleon Adventure Island where children can relive the adventures of characters like Gerben, Hielke and Sietske. Friesland also offers stunning lakes and canals and lots more to see and do.

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What a great choice!

Having fun and horsing around in the forest with your new friends!

This is what makes this farm so much fun!

Guests about De Geele Bosch

Good, nice and clean tent. Cozy farming family and lots to do for the children.

Family Tiekstra

Have a sneak peek at De Geele Bosch

Where do I sleep

De Geele Bosch is pure nature at its best, offering uninterrupted views over the meadows in this beautiful Frysian landscape. The small Tjonger canal a few hundred metres from the farm is perfect for fishing and watching the boats go by. The luxurious Safari tents border our own adventure forest.

Choose from one of our 11 luxury, fully equipped Safari Tents including a private toilet. Showers are in the nearby heated bathing facilities.

This FarmCamps farm is situated on a quiet road, surrounded by open pastures and fields. There is also a nearby field with 15 plots for those who bring their own camping equipment. A short walk away and you’ll discover the ‘Tjonger’, a canal where swimming and sailing is also possible.

The 11 luxury Safari Tents are on a large field adjacent to the adventure forest. In the middle of the field your mini-farmers can entertain themselves splashing around at the water playground or bouncing around at the playground while you relax in a chair watching. In the evening you’ll relax together and enjoy a campfire. Glamping heaven!

On this farm you have the option to bring your own camping equipment

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Luxury Safari Tents with Airconditioning ❄ & ☀

Luxury Safari Tent with toilet in the tent. Spaciously furnished with, among other things, a cosy living space.

Own Campsite

At FarmCamps De Geele Bosch there are also 15 camping spots for guests with their own camping equipment. More information can be found on the website of the farm itself.

Finding out is fun!

No farm adventure would be complete without learning a thing or two from the professionals. Farmer Bill and his wife Ella take this very personally! So you can expect to join Farmer Bill every day to help with the calves and other animals on his farm. Farmer’s wife Ella loves handy crafts and together with her you can make something really special to take home as a souvenir of your unique experience.

If you prefer to play, the farm is the right place for you. Sledding, exploring or building a hut in the adventure forest, climbing and clambering on the Tractor Tyre Climbing Tower or playing with your new friends in the Tree House and Hay Barn. And in fine weather, the kids can play with water in the Water Fun Meadow and make sand cakes in the mud kitchen. The kids are guaranteed to have fun at De Geele Bosch.

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Farmer’s Passport

At check-in, children will receive FarmCamps’ Farmers Passport. This contains fun and educational assignments. Your mini-farmers can discover and experience real life on a farm. For each completed task they will receive a stamp in their Farmer’s Passport.

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Farm Tour

When arriving at the farm, you receive a farmers scavenger hunt Bill and Ella have set out for you, which you can carry out in order to discover the farm and learn all about it while hunting.

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FarmCamps Geele Bosch Friesland milkshake maken boerin kinderen in de keuken

Making milkshakes

Can you imagine something more delicious than making your own milkshake from fresh milk, and the self made ice cream of farmer Bill? Of course you don’t have to do this all by yourself, farmer’s wife Ella will help you make this.

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Crafting with the farmer's wife

Together with Ella you will have an hour of crafting fun! Whether it be, decorating candles, decorating your own glass, t-shirt or cooking apron or decorating a horse show. Check the possibilities with farmer’s wife Ella

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Farmer’s Table

Ella is totally addicted to making Dutch pancakes and she loves to teach your mini-farmers how to do this on the farm. While you enjoy a nice drink on their beautiful terrace your mini-farmers are hard at work. And of course, everyone gets to enjoy eating them together. No doubt, you’ll be making them at home too!

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Every Wednesday and Saturday there is a campfire together with all the guests at the campsite. The ideal opportunity to have fun with each other.

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Canoe rental

If you would like to rent a canoe and go out on the river near the campsite, this is possible as well.

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Pony ride

Farmer Bill is absolutely crazy about horses. If you are as much of a fan of these beautiful animals, then you should definitely come for a ride around the campsite or help with grooming.

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Bring your own horse

You also have the possibility to bring your own horse to the farm. Here they have brand new horse boxes and a large outdoor arena. You can make wonderful trips around the farm. Price includes box, straw, hay, water, biks and pasture.

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Tractor and trailer tour

Farmer Bill will take you on a unique tour on his tractor trailer down to the nearby woods where there is also a really cool watch tower!

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Rent farmer Bill's big horse

Can you already ride a horse well? Then you can rent the beautiful, large horse ‘Crème de la crème’ from farmer Bill to show off your riding skills for an hour. It’s not a riding lesson, but Farmer Bill can guide you during the hour if you want.

Just bring your own riding gear, such as your helmet.

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Additional activities

During school holidays, extra activities are often planned such as bingo, kids disco, movie night or bonfire. Keep an eye on the activity board at the farm, so you don’t miss out on anything.

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Practical & delicious

Looking for ultimate relaxation? Well look no further because Farmer’s wife Ella is up and about at the crack of dawn and happy to deliver breakfast to your tent! Or maybe you fancy an evening BBQ? Not to worry, she will organise this for you.

And of course there is always the small on-site farm shop where you can pick up your basics and a few local treats. Every day Ella bakes fresh bread – now that’s handy! You can also enjoy a delicious cup of coffee, sandwich or pancake while sitting on the beautiful farm terrace. And don’t forget to get an ice cream. Farmer Bill turns fresh milk from a fellow farmer into delicious farmhouse ice cream in a variety of flavours. From smurf ice cream for the kids, to farmhouse soft-serve ice cream with eggnog and farmboys for the parents.

No one likes going home with a bag of dirty washing, Then order the Towel Pack and rent the one and only FarmCamps farmer’s overall for the kids. Your mini-farmers will not only look great but their clothes will not get so dirty either!

You can order all these extras directly during booking. But of course, you can still arrange it on the spot.

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FarmCamps Mariekerke Zeeland kinderen eten voor de tent boerenontbijt tentenveld

Breakfast in Tent!

A deliciously fresh farmers breakfast delivered to your tent including fresh bread, milk, juice, yoghurt, eggs (you cook these to your own liking) and of course a variety of condiments.

Every morning you can also use the bread service. You can order the bread a day in advance in the farm shop.

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FarmCamps De Smulhoeve Noord Brabant BBQ op de boerderij vader en zoon op het tentenveld

A farmers market BBQ

For a pleasant evening of BBQing, you get a delicious meat package from the artisan butcher, salad, bread, homemade herb butter from farmer Ella and, of course, some goodies for the kids. The barbecue, including charcoal or gas, is included in the price.

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FarmCamps De Verloren Kost Limburg baby luier lachen aankleedkussen tent picknicktafel tentenveld

Baby bundles

No need to lug around your own baby gear! This package includes a baby bed, high chair and a changing mat. Don’t forget to bring your baby’s own bed linen though.

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FarmCamp Mini-Farmers Overalls

Not only will your mini-farmers look very cool in these red overalls but you’ll be sure their clothes don’t get ruined!

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Towel bundles

Includes 1 x large and 1 x small, thick white towel. Perfect for leaving washing behind at the end of your holiday!

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A welcoming bed

What better way is there to soak up the beautiful landscape than to take a lovely bike ride from the farm. Luckily you can hire a range of bikes on the farm. There are bikes for adults, children’s bikes and even the popular Babboe box bike, perfect for packing everything in for a family trip to the beach.

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Not a moment’s boredom!

Watching other families enjoy themselves here shows us how few leave the farm since there is so much to see and do. Here the kids are in their element and don’t have time to get bored! That´s why the parents are having a great time too.

But if you do want to discover the local environment then Friesland offers stunning lakes and canals and lots more to see and do. For fishing enthusiasts the River Tjonger is less than 300 meters from the farm.

Did you know that De Weerribben National Park and the must see stunning touristic village of Giethoorn are less than 30km away from the farm?

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