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Whether you are an experienced rider or an amazon-to-be, horse riding lessons during your holidays are always fun! At some of our farms, you can take lessons from qualified instructors and improve your riding style or gain riding experience. Check out our riding lesson options below!

Riding lessons at FarmCamps for real horse fans. Improve your riding skills or take your first riding lesson at one of the FarmCamps farms.
Holzik Stables

Under the guidance of the staff, you can participate in riding lessons at the farm from Monday to Saturday. Group lessons (1 hour) and private lessons (half an hour) are available.

  • From 4 years
  • €25.45 for a group lesson and €31.25 for a private lesson

Here's more to do on the farm:

  • Enjoy playing in the playground or sandbox.
  • Playing games with the horses.
  • Enjoying the surrounding forest.

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At FarmCamps BoeBaDoe, there is the opportunity to take horse riding lessons with farmer's wife Floor on Tuesdays and Saturdays. She is a qualified instructor (Centered Riding) and teaches inexperienced and experienced riders. And both to children and adults. You ride a Shetlander, Haflinger, Frisian or a B or E pony.

  • From 6 years
  • €10 per half hour

Here's more to do on the farm:

  • Taking care of cows and ponies.
  • Playing in the "live out meadow".
  • Make a campfire with the farmer.
  • Learn more about a dairy farm.

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Farmer Carolien of FarmCamps Breehees is a qualified instructor and can help you with your first riding lesson on a pony, improving your riding style and/or overcoming fears. Every morning she teaches customised lessons (in groups). It doesn't matter if you have previous experience.

  • From 6 years
  • € 12,50 per 45 minutens

Here's more to do on the farm:

  • On 'safari' to the forest.
  • Taking a look at brother Ronny's modern dairy farm, 600 metres away.
  • Playing in the super fun playground.
  • Eating chips on the farm terrace.

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Fleur Stables

At Fleur Stables, it is also possible to take private riding lessons and improve your riding skills. The riding lesson is one-to-one which allows the instructor to give you many tips. The riding lesson can only be booked on site, i.e. at the farm. It is based on availability so a suitable pony can be chosen for you. Are you a beginner and want several days of lessons? Then check out the Pony Diploma package.

  • From 6 years
  • € 27.50 per half hour

Here's more to do on the farm:

  • Rent your own grooming pony.
  • Sail in the motorboat. Farmer's rowboat or canoe.
  • Visit the seaside resorts of Callantsoog, Schoorl and Bergen aan Zee.

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De Verloren Kost

Farmer Annemarie is a qualified instructor and provides tips on both theory and practice during riding lessons. Super nice! You ride one of the ponies that come in different shapes and sizes.

  • Age to be agreed.
  • Cost and duration are listed on the registration forms and may vary from one activity to another.
  • Prices from €15

Here's what else there is to do on the farm:

  • Head into the forest for a walk or forest ride.
  • Help take care of the animals.
  • Play in the yard.
  • Relax on the outdoor terrace.

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FarmCamps de Bosrand Drenthe ponyrijden meisje op pony jongen rennen
De Bosrand

Do you love ponies and would like to ride one of our ponies? Teacher Lisanne will take you through everything involved in riding. From taking the sweet ponies out of the pasture to brushing and saddling them and, of course, delightful riding. A pony lesson lasts about 60 minutes.

Do you want to book the pony riding lesson in advance? Then take a look at the website of De Bosrand itself.

  • From 4 years
  • €15 per hour

Here's more to do on the farm:

  • Take care of alpacas, donkeys, deer, cats, pigs and rabbits.
  • Walk, play or cycle in the nearby forest.
  • Go supping on the forest lake.

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Soodehof Eins

Guided by farmer Juliane or Kirsten, you can ride ponies several times a week in the farm's outdoor arena or in the indoor arena, which is located a few hundred metres from the farm. If you are very experienced and would like to ride independently, you can hire Prinzessin, Juliane's horse, for an hour for a ride in the forest.

  • From 4 years
  • €25 for accompanied riding and €40 for independent riding

Here's more to do on the farm:

  • Enjoy the fairytale-like, natural surroundings.
  • Learning to milk by hand with farmer Günther.
  • Enjoy playing on the playground equipment, swings and pedal tractors.

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Horseback riding for adults

Do you want to make sure that you, as a parent, can also go horse riding during your FarmCamps holiday? Or maybe you even want to take a riding lesson? Whether you are an experienced rider or want to ride for the first time; there are plenty of options at our farms! Check out the options here.

All our horse and pony options

Besides riding lessons, there are of course many other fun opportunities for the children to express their love of horses. We have listed them for you below!

Always wanted to have your own grooming pony ? This is possible on some of our farms. This way, you can cuddle, brush and braid the whole holiday.

Is a real grooming pony a bit too much, but do the kids still want a ride on a Shetlander pony every day? Then take a look at the pony package.

For the kids who like a challenge, there is the possibility to get a real Pony Diploma.

For the little ones, there is the cuddle pony. From 3 or 4 years and always together with mum and dad of course!

Do you enjoy taking an occasional walk with a pony? View our FarmCamps farms with walking ponies.

Do you have your own horse and would you like to take it with you on holiday? That too is possible at a number of FarmCampsfarms.

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