Luxury Ranch Tent

Suitable for 4-6 people (50m2)

Special comfort for our thoroughbreds!

In life there are working horses and then there are thoroughbreds. and for those thoroughbreds amongst us who have comfort in our veins, FarmCamps has come up with a totally unique and luxury experience!

Our brand new ‘Ifor Williams’ horse trailer has been redesigned and turned into your very own luxury private bathroom complete with a bath and shower. So lie back, relax and enjoy your private bath with glorious panoramic countryside views.

Some of our Ranch Tents have air conditioning instead of a gas heater. This provides both heating and cooling when needed. At ‘Search & Book’ you can use the filters to see at which farms this type of tent is available.

At Hoeve Luyterheyde, the tent is slightly smaller than you are used to from us, so we call it the Cozy Ranch tent. Naturally, the tent has just as much luxury and comfort and of course its own Hooi Hooi Badtrailer next to the tent. You can enjoy the view over the meadows from this converted horse trailer with bath and rain shower. And with the air conditioner you can both heat and cool the tent.

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A very cozy tent!

50m2 of living fun for the whole family!

This is what makes this tent so special!

Sleeping in a luxury Ranchtent

Super! What a beautiful tent.


About the Luxury Ranchtent

To complete the picture

Well-stocked Children’s Game Chest

The rules are there are no rules on a FarmCamps holiday! Why not pack away your smart phones and tablets and experience the simpler life again? What should you do then? Playing with your kids of course!
Take your chances at winning Ludo. or re-experience Pim Pam Pet! The well-stocked children’s games chest guarantees hours of fun and laughter together with the whole family!

Equipped with comfortable beds for a great night’s sleep

Could sleeping in a FarmCamps bed be better than your own bed? Well, yes! We often hear from our guests who would like to know where we buy our wonderful mattresses from!

And what about a shower we hear you ask!

Nice on the farm. And it is great to have such a Ranch Tent. But how cool is it that you can take a bath in a real horse trailer next to your tent? From our own experience; super cool!

Four-six person Safari Tents

We have to two types of FarmCamps tents; the four-person and the six-person Ranch Tent. The only difference between the two tents being that the four-person tent has one bunk bed and the six-person tent has two bunk beds. Are you bringing your baby with you? Then we recommend the four-person Ranch Tent. As there is ample room in the bedroom for a cot. In this case the maximum is then five people in the four-person tent.

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Luxury 4p Ranch Tent
+ Air conditioning

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Luxury 6p Ranch Tent
+ Air conditioning

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Luxury 4p Cosy Ranch Tent
+ Air conditioning

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This is what's in your tent!


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Luxury Farm Tent

The cosy Farm Tent is the tent for everyone who likes cosiness and luxury and therefore wants to enjoy the comfort of a private bathroom with shower, toilet and sink in the tent. A nice, cosy and complete tent with wonderful beds, dining area, lounge sofa, kitchen and spacious veranda.

Luxury Barn Tent

Luxurious Barntent with private bathroom with bath and shower. Spaciously furnished with a cozy living room, large panoramic windows, large kitchen with dishwasher and Lavazza Espresso machine, comfortable hammock, outdoor fireplace and private barbecue. For the kids the Hooi Hooi Sleeping Attic, the nicest place to sleep ever. The Barntent is suitable for a maximum of 6 people.

Luxury Lodge Tent

Luxury Lodgetent with private bathroom. Spaciously furnished with a cosy living area, kitchen with Lavazza Espresso machine, comfortable hammock, outdoor fireplace and private barbecue.
For the kids 't Hooihuys, the most fun play and sleep spot.
The Lodgetent is suitable for up to 6 people.

Luxury Hay Tent

Luxury Hay Tent spaciously furnished with a cosy living area, large panoramic windows and well-insulated wooden roof. The Hay Tent can accommodate up to 6 people. And is equipped with comfortable beds, large kitchen with Lavazza Espresso machine, stove and private toilet. Shower for free in the heated sanitary building on the farm.

Luxury Safari Tent

Luxury Safari Tent. Spaciously furnished with a cozy living room, private toilet, kitchen, refrigerator, Lavazza Espresso machine and cold running water. For the kids there is a Jumbo game box filled to the brim. The Safari tent is available in a 4-person and a 6-person variant. You can shower for free in the heated sanitary building on the farm.