FarmCamps de Oostermaat Overijsel boerengezin boer boerin kinderen koe hond trekker half zichtbaar

De Oostermaat

Dairy farm in Genemuiden, Overijssel

Let your plans go out the window at FarmCamps De Oostermaat simply because everything is so much fun here

At Pieperweg 3 in Genemuiden, Rindert and Gerdien do not grow potatoes, but keep 110 cows and about 50 young cattle! The modern dairy farm is hidden behind a dike in the central Netherlands, close to the beautiful Hanseatic cities and nature reserve Het Zwarte Meer. With the help of solar panels, the farm is almost completely energy neutral. And the feed for the cows (roughage, maize and grass) is grown by farmer Rindert himself.

Rindert, Gerdien and their 2 children, Koen and Tim have been living on this beautiful spot in the polder since 2018. Farm life holds no secrets for Rindert and Gerdien, as Rindert grew up as a farmers’ son. When he and Gerdien were looking for the perfect location to start their own farm they settled in Genemuiden. Gerdien, still an office clerk back then, is now fully committed to looking after the calves on the farm where Rindert looks after the cows.

The cows are frequent prize winners at breeding stock events in the towns of Putten and Oldenbroek. The milking is done by a milk robot, so the cows can decide for themselves when they would like to be milked. The milk is then sold to produce Leerdammer cheese.

There is never a dull moment on the farm. Cruise the yard in a go-kart, build huts in the Hay Hay Play Barn, jump on the trampoline, mess around in the mud kitchen or cuddle the other animals. Apart from the 160 cows and calves, many other animals live on the farm. Sheep and lambs help to keep the grass short and then there are goats, rabbits, chickens, the farm dogs Max, Suzy and Roxy and 2 cute cats that love a cuddle.

So, would you like to become acquainted with life on a modern dairy farm and at the same time enjoy nature, animals, playing and relaxation? Then De Oostermaat is the place to be!

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What a great choice!

Experience a modern dairy farm melk

This is what makes this farm so much fun!

Guests about De Oostermaat

We had a wonderful week at Rindert and Gerdien of De Oostermaat. Our daughter (3 years old) could walk independently from the tent to the playground equipment and sandpit. She was also allowed to help feed the animals. Gerdien involved the children very nicely! In the large stable with cows, our son (7 months) feasted his eyes and Rindert always made time for a chat. We really enjoyed camping at Farmcamps: we will definitely do this more often!

Family Rombouts

Where do I sleep

The modern dairy farm of farmers Gerdien, Rindert and their 2 children is located on the outskirts of the village of Genemuiden (which actually has city rights!).This farm is slap bang in the middle of the polder and is beautifully situated to fully appreciate the quiet and beauty of its surroundings.

Quick fact: the village of Genemuiden is well known for its tapestry industry. It is part of the Zwartewaterland municipality. Near the farm you will find the “Zwarte Meer” nature reserve, ideal for bird spotting. Within easy reach of the farm are the must see hanseatic cities of Kampen and Zwolle.

At FarmCamps De Oostermaat you can stay in one of 10 luxurious tents. There is the choice of a Barn Tent with en-suite bathroom with bathtub, luxurious kitchen with dishwasher and the Hay Hay Sleep Attic. Alternatively, you may opt for the luxurious Safari Tent with en-suite toilet (you can shower in the shower block).

The modern dairy farm belonging to farmers Rindert and Gerdien is situated in the middle of the polder, surrounded by meadows, fields and water. A lush and quiet place with plenty of space to relax and discover farm life.

The 10 luxurious tents are playfully pitched, allowing for lots of space and privacy on a cozy field and overlooking the meadows, with the “Kamperzee” dyke in the distance. Children can walk directly fromthe field, which houses the tents to the animal meadow and play barn, or take a peak in the cow stable.

On this location, it is not possible to camp using your own equipment.

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Luxury Safari Tents with Airconditioning ❄ & ☀

Luxury Safari Tent with toilet in the tent. Spaciously furnished with, among other things, a cosy living space.

Luxury Barn Tent with Air conditioning ❄ & ☀

Luxury Barn Tent with Air conditioning and bathroom in the tent. Spaciously furnished including a cosy living area.

Finding out is fun!

Your farming adventure wouldn’t be complete without learning a few things on the farm. Farmers Gerdien and Rindert will personally attend to this.

Farmer Rindert enjoys telling you all there is to know about milking cows robotically and he loves it if you give a hand sweeping the stable. Farmer Gerdien shows you how calves are fed. Of course the rabbits, goats, sheep and other animals need to be looked after as well. When it is time to mow the grass you could be lucky enough to get to ride along on the tractor out onto the farmland.

If you are more into playing, you will also have a great time on the farm. Go karting, trampoline jumping, building huts with your new friends in the Hay Hay Play Barn, climbing the Tractor Tyre Tower or making a mess in the sandpit. Everything is allowed!

Sunday rest is observed on FarmCamps Oostermaat. Apart from feeding the animals no other activities will take place on this day.

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Farmer’s Passport

At check-in, children will receive FarmCamps’ Farmers Passport. This contains fun and educational assignments. Your mini-farmers can discover and experience real life on a farm. For each completed task they will receive a stamp in their Farmer’s Passport.

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Farm Tour

During your stay Farmer’s wife Gerdien or farmer Rindert will show you the ropes with a guided tour of the farm. They will share with you the pleasure they get from working the land and caring for their cows. Experience this unique chance to go where only farmers dare to go and soak up the special stories they´ll share with you about the farm they love and care for.

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FarmCamps de Oostermaat Overijsel opstap met de boerin poffertjes bakken kinderen

Kitchen magic

Together with farmer Gerdien, you will make something tasty with fresh milk from the farm, such as baking poffertjes. It will be a real treat!

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FarmCamps de Oostermaat Overijsel koeien voeren gras jongen overalletje in de stal

Feed the calves

Each day you can help the farmers Gerdien and Rindert to feed the calves and other small animals. You might just become an accomplished farmhand during your holiday!

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Let’s go fishing!

The “Grote Vaart” or the steam pumping station near the farm are excellent spots to go fishing. Make sure to pack your fishing rod (permit required)

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FarmCamps de Oostermaat Overijsel marshmallows roosteren kampvuur kinderen


Nothing is more fun than ending the day together with a campfire. Enjoying the setting sun while the kids roast marshmallows.

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If you like to play, then you’re in the right place! Here you can play football, splash in the water playground, ride the go-karts or play with sand and do somersaults on the trampoline.

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Practical & delicious

How handy: get your breakfast delivered to your tent by farmer Gerdien. Even when you fancy a BBQ evening there is no need to leave the farm as farmer Gerdien can arrange everything for you! The farm has a well stocked pantry where you can buy some basic provisions. Fresh bread can be ordered from farmer Gerdien: how handy is that?

Not looking forward to a stack of laundry upon your return home? Simply order the towel package and also rent the original FarmCamps overalls for the kids. They will look just like the farmer and their clothes won’t get too dirty either.

You can order all your extras at the point of booking, but if you are not sure yet don’t worry, you can also order them on the spot.

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FarmCamps Mariekerke Zeeland kinderen eten voor de tent boerenontbijt tentenveld

Breakfast in Tent!

A deliciously fresh farmers breakfast delivered to your tent including fresh bread, milk, juice, yoghurt, eggs (you cook these to your own liking) and of course a variety of condiments. Breakfast is available on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

Every morning except on Sundays and in the midweeks outside the school holidays. you can also use the bread service. You can order the bread rolls a day in advance in the farm shop.

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FarmCamps De Smulhoeve Noord Brabant BBQ op de boerderij vader en zoon op het tentenveld

A farmers market BBQ

Treat yourself to a tasty farmers BBQ including local artisan meats, salads, bread and sauces and of course it wouldn’t be complete without a treat for the kids. The barbecue (charcoal or gas) is included in the price.

The BBQ package cannot be booked for Sundays and in midweeks outside the school holidays

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FarmCamps de Oostermaat Overijsel pizza eten jongen likt zijn vingers af moeder lachen tentenveld


The pizza oven is turned on a few times a week and you can order delicious pizzas from us to eat in your tent. Saves another evening of cooking yourself!

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FarmCamps De Verloren Kost Limburg baby luier lachen aankleedkussen tent picknicktafel tentenveld

Baby bundles

No need to lug around your own baby gear! This package includes a baby bed, high chair and a changing mat. Don’t forget to bring your baby’s own bed linen though.

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FarmCamp Mini-Farmers Overalls

Not only will your mini-farmers look very cool in these red overalls but you’ll be sure their clothes don’t get ruined!

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Towel bundles

Includes 1 x large and 1 x small, thick white towel. Perfect for leaving washing behind at the end of your holiday!

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A welcoming bed

What better way is there to soak up the beautiful landscape than to take a lovely bike ride from the farm. Luckily you can hire a range of bikes on the farm. There are bikes for adults, children’s bikes and even the popular Babboe box bike, perfect for packing everything in for a family trip to the beach.

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Not a moment’s boredom!

From experience, we know that it’s most likely you will not even leave the farm. Simply because there is so much to do at FarmCamps De Oostermaat and the kids will be far too busy to get bored. As parents, this is when your downtime starts too, right?

For those who still like to get out and see some of the surrounding area, there is lots to see and do within half an hour of the farm. If you like a bit of culture you will love strolling around the old must see hanseatic cities of Kampen, Hasselt and Zwolle. If you prefer to be out on the water there are plenty of water sports options for example, Zwartsluis or rent a boat at the Zwarte Meer lake. There is something for everyone!

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FarmCamps de Oostermaat Zwembad de Steur wat te doen in de omgeving


Swimmingpool de Steur

About 10 km from the farm, in the city of Kampen you will find ‘de Steur’ swimming pool. There is an indoor pool with slide and a smaller outdoor pool with lawn. The cozy pool restaurant serves drinks, chips and sandwiches.

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De Goot

Only a few steps from the farm is ‘De Goot’ river. Perfect for swimming, relaxing on the grass or even fishing. You will find the sons of Rindert and Gerdien here on a regular basis. De Goot also has a small solar powered ferry to take you across the river.

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FarmCamps de Oostermaat Miligerplas Zwolle in de buurt omgeving


Milligerplas Zwolle

Lake Milligerplas is a recreational lake with a lovely beach near the city of Zwolle. There is catering available here too. At the pavillion you can order a drink or a decent lunch and dinner.

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Zwarte Meer

At the Zwarte Meer you can enjoy the magnificent nature, go out on a boat ride or take a swim. Boats to take out on the Zwarte Meer can be rented in Genemuiden. It is easy to spend a whole day on the water. All this close to FarmCamps De Oostermaat.

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Monkey Town Zwolle

Monkey Town in Zwolle is a 20-minute drive away from the farm. This large indoor playground is great entertainment for kids aged 0 to 12. Its soft play area includes a ball pool, air cushions and a climbing maze.

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Trampoline park Krazy Kangaroo Zwolle

This cool trampoline park is only 25 minutes away from the farm. Children (and parents) aged 7 or older can totally let themselves go on the mega trampoline area. Jump, practice summersaults or backflips and land in the soft foam or on the large air cushion. Super cool!

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Attractiepark Slagharen

The well-known Slagharen theme park is 40 minutes away from FarmCamps De Oostermaat. Over 30 rides, theater shows, parades and swinging street theatre, guarantee a great day out.

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National Park Weerribben-Wieden

National Park Weerribben-Wieden is the largest compact peat bog in Northern Europe. By foot, bike or boat (silent “whisper” boat) you get to view the best that nature has to offer. The most impressive way of exploring the national park is by canoeing through the small moats surrounded by reed, waterfowl and other animals.

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Staphorster bos

The “Staphorster Bos” forest, 26 km away from the farm is great for a nature walk or playing in the “Zwarte Dennen Speelvijver” play pond. The adjacent meadow is ideal for sunbathing and a picnic.

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The city of Genemuiden has a long history and was granted city rights in the year 1275. For many years the city was famous for growing crop used for the production of seats and mats which later developed into the production of carpets. The Tapijt museum in the city center of Genemuiden is dedicated to this.

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FarmCamps de Oostermaat in de buurt cultuur zwartsluis



The picturesque port town of Zwartsluis is easily reached by bike or ferry across the Zwarte Water. A lovely place to stroll and enjoy the old architecture whilst enjoying an ice-cream or two.

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FarmCamps de oostermaat in de buurt cultuur Kampen



The must see historic hanseatic city of Kampen is about 10 km away from FarmCamps De Oostermaat. A lovely way to see the historic city center is by tour boat, or by simply going shopping and enjoying the bars and restaurants with their terraces.

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