De Buitenhoeve

Cheese farm in Haaften, Gelderland

Heavenly cheeses from Haaften

Highschool Sweethearts, that’s what you can call farmer Aico and farmer’s wife Kirsten. Because in high school 10 years ago, their life together began. Where farmer Aico’s love lay with the farm where he grew up, Kirsten’s heart lay with making cheese. And what do you do when you want to move on together…. Right, then you start making the most delicious cheeses from the milk of the best cows!

This success story has continued for some years already and their cheeses are regular award winners. The delicious homemade dairy products are well known across the region of Haaften and are also for sale in their own farm shop. Their 60 cows produce all the milk they need and (weather permitting), enjoy grazing on the luscious grass in the outdoors. The milking is done by a milking robot that operates around the clock, allowing the cows to decide for themselves when they want to eat or would like to be milked. Isn’t that lovely!

But there are other residents on this dairy farm and cheese factory. Like their sons Riley and Bradley. But also Ko the mini donkey, Luna, Macky, Rakker and Patser the Shetland ponies, Frozen and Olaf the A-ponies, Rocky the D pony, Ollie and Stoer the Haflingers, the goats Kwik, Kwek and Kwak, Ridge the farm dog, Malibu the cat, Baileys the cat, the mini pigs Tijgertje and Knorretje, the calves, the chickens …….. And we could go on like this for a while. Because besides being hard workers, Aico and Kirsten are also real animal lovers. So this will certainly not stop here.

If you choose a holiday at De Buitenhoeve, you will learn a lot. Do you know how cheese is made? Farmer Aico will be happy to show you. And have you ever made yoghurt yourself? Farmer Kirsten will teach you. But of course there is also plenty of time and space to play and cuddle with all the animals. How about a walk with one of their lovely ponies along the Klompenpad path opposite the farm? Or would you rather give Ko the donkey a good brushing? He can’t wait.

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What a great choice!

Learn how really good cheese is made

This is what makes this farm so much fun!

Guests about De Buitenhoeve

It was great again! The campsite had lovely grass and sand play areas and go-karts and no less than 2 trampolines. Not to mention the impressive and educational dairy farm, the grass silage, the giga-machines, the calf being born and the pony ride.

Wittekoek family

Take a sneak peek at De Buitenhoeve

Where do I sleep

FarmCamps De Buitenhoeve is located in Haaften, a small village on the Waal river in the West-Betuwe region. The versatile landscape has dikes, lush pastures and fruit orchards. The farm of Aico and Kirsten is located just outside Haaften, opposite a small nature reserve, so very rustic and rural.

At De Buitenhoeve you will stay in one of the 15 luxurious Barn Tents or in one of the 5 luxurious Farm Tents. In the Barn Tent you discover the real glamping experience, with your ensuite bathroom and bathtub, large kitchen with dishwasher, Lavazza espresso machine, 6 super comfy beds, 2 of which can be found in the cozy Hay Hay sleep attic, your own BBQ, outdoor fireplace and a hammock for total relaxation when outside.

The spacious field where the tents are located is to the right of the farm, has its own driveway, parking and is only accessible to the staying guests. The luxury tents are set up playfully and at a large distance from each other and overlook the play facilities on the same field. From the tent, the kids can walk straight to the cuddle and play barn or take a look at the cowshed.

On this location, it is not possible to camp using your own equipment.

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Luxury Farm Tent with Air conditioning ❄ & ☀

Luxury Farm tent with bathroom in the tent and air conditioning. Spaciously furnished including a cosy living area.

Luxury Barn Tent with Air conditioning ❄ & ☀

Luxury Barn tent with bathroom in the tent and air conditioning. Spaciously furnished including a cosy living area.

Finding out is fun!

No farm adventure would be complete without learning a thing or two from the professionals. And farmer Aico and farmer’s wife Kirsten personally take care of that. You can help feed and look after all the animals on the farm every day. And you can make delicious yoghurt from fresh milk together with farmer Kirsten.

Farmer Kirsten also needs help taking the ponies out to pasture and while you’re at it, feed the calves! By the way, don’t forget to take a look at how the delicious cheese is made, maybe you can help too!

If you prefer to play, the farm will also satisfy your needs. Go tobogganing, have fun in the hay barn, jump on the trampoline or mess around in the ‘outdoor play kitchen’. Here there are no rules – just enjoy yourself!

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Farmer’s Passport

At check-in, children will receive FarmCamps’ Farmers Passport. This contains fun and educational assignments. Your mini-farmers can discover and experience real life on a farm. For each completed task they will receive a stamp in their Farmer’s Passport.

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FarmCamps de Buitenhoeve Gelderland tour de boer kaasmakerij boerin kinderen

Farm Tour

During your stay farmer Aico or Kirsten will give a Tour de Boer (guided famers tour). They help you get acquainted with the farm, tell you how they work and what they do.

As they show you around you get to find your bearings and also hear special stories about the farm.

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FarmCamps de Buitenhoeve Gelderland yoghurt maken kinderen overalletjes

Making yoghurt

Do you know what yoghurt is made of? Exactly, from fresh milk! Together with farmer Kirsten, you will make your own delicious (fruit) yoghurt from the fresh milk from the milk tank. Note: This activity only takes place during midweek. Children up to 6 years old can participate when accompanied by an adult.

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FarmCamps De Buitenhoeve Gelderland activity pound cheese making cheeses in a row

Making a pound of cheese

A cheese making mini-workshop cannot be missed on a cheese farm. Together with farmer Kirsten you can make your own pound of cheese for home in about half an hour. After the workshop, the cheese is not yet ready to eat, because it still has to ripen at home for another 4 weeks, which is exciting! Children up to 6 years old may participate accompanied by an adult.

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FarmCamps de Buitenhoeve Gelderland pony verzorgen kinderen borstelen hooi in de stal

Cuddle pony

Farmer Kirsten likes to share her love for horses with her guests. Her ponies Luna, Stoer and Ollie, not forgetting Ko the donkey, really enjoy being polished, brushed and cuddled. Those who are brave enough can also book a pony walk

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FarmCamps Breehees Noord-Brabant wandelpony boerin in de wei

Taking ponies out of the pasture

Farmer Kirsten’s ponies need to be taken out to pasture every day. She could really use your help with that.

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FarmCamps de Buitenhoeve Gelderland wandel pony jongen trekt aan touw in de wei

Walking pony

You are welcome to take one of the farm ponies for a walk. Together with your parents, you can follow the route that has been mapped out for you. Taking you through the “Tuilse Put” nature reserve opposite the campsite. You get to sit on the pony, whilst your parent walks next to you.

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FarmCamps De Buitenhoeve Gelderland buitenzwembad barntent hek kinderen

Have a swim in the pool

FarmCamps De Buitenhoeve has in July and August a real outdoor pool! Isn’t that nice to cool off during hot summer days!

The pool is about 10m by 5m in size and 1.35m deep and unheated.

Please note that this pool is unsupervised and children under the age of 12 must always enter the pool under the supervision of an adult.

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FarmCamps de Buitenhoeve Gelderland vissen vader en zoon bij de sloot

Let’s go fishing!

In the Tuilse put, the nature reserve opposite the farm, you can fish well. So be sure to bring your own fishing rod and don’t forget your fishing licence!

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FarmCamps de Buitenhoeve Gelderland skelteren meisje duwen kinderen spelen op het erf


If you are more into playing, you will definitely get your money’s worth on the farm too. Go tobogganing, trampolining or messing about in the mud kitchen. Here there are no rules – just enjoy yourself! Here there are no rules – just enjoy yourself!

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Practical & delicious

Looking for ultimate relaxation? Your breakfast will be delivered to your tent by farmer Aico.

The farm also has a large farm shop where you can buy all kinds of fresh products such as their home-made dairy and cheese as well as fresh vegetables, fruit, meat from fellow local farmers and other delicious local produce. And during school holidays and weekends, you can also order fresh rolls from the bakery every day.

A few days a week the foodtruck with terras is open where you are able to get a cup of coffee with a piece of pie. In the evening you can also get chips and other snacks. Handy eh?

No one likes going home with a bag of dirty washing, Then order the Towel Pack and rent the one and only FarmCamps farmer’s overall for the kids. Your mini-farmers will not only look great but their clothes will not get so dirty either!

You can order all your extras at the point of booking, but if you are not sure yet don’t worry, you can also order them on the spot.

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Breakfast in Tent!

A deliciously fresh farmers breakfast delivered to your tent including fresh bread, milk, juice, yoghurt, eggs (you cook these to your own liking) and of course a variety of condiments.

Breakfast is offered during weekends and school holidays, except Mondays and Fridays. The same goes for the bread service.

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FarmCamps de Buitenhoeve Gelderland pizza eten dozen kinderen meisje op tafel lachen voor de tent


Twice a week, on Saturdays and one day in the midweek, the pizza oven goes on and you can order delicious pizzas to eat in your tent.

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FarmCamps De Verloren Kost Limburg baby luier lachen aankleedkussen tent picknicktafel tentenveld

Baby bundles

No need to lug around your own baby gear! This package includes a baby bed, high chair and a changing mat. Don’t forget to bring your baby’s own bed linen though.

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FarmCamp Mini-Farmers Overalls

Not only will your mini-farmers look very cool in these red overalls but you’ll be sure their clothes don’t get ruined!

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Towel bundles

Includes 1 x large and 1 x small, thick white towel. Perfect for leaving washing behind at the end of your holiday!

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A welcoming bed

What better way is there to soak up the beautiful landscape than to take a lovely bike ride from the farm. Luckily you can hire a range of bikes on the farm. There are bikes for adults, children’s bikes and even the popular Babboe box bike, perfect for packing everything in for a family trip to the beach.

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Not a moment’s boredom!

Watching other families enjoy themselves here shows us how few leave the farm since there is so much to see and do. Here the kids are in their element and don’t have time to get bored! That´s why the parents are having a great time too.

Should you still wish to explore the local area, then this region has a surprising amount to offer. The West Betuwe region is scattered with orchards growing apples, pears and cherries. The presence of the rivers Linge and Waal also has a great impact on this area. There is always something to see or do on the water. There is plenty of water for swimming or sailing, and the typical meandering dikes along picturesque villages and historical cities are well worth visiting.

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Betuwestrand Beach Beesd

Fancy a day out at the beach? The Betuwestrand is only a 15 minute drive from the farm. It is a large recreational lake with a sandy beach, 3 slides, a water trampoline and water ski facilities. On the beach there are plenty of things for children to play with, such as a wooden pirate ship to climb on and more.

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The Tuilse put

To cool down you don’t have to go very far. Just opposite the farm is the Tuilse Put. It is a small nature reserve with a large lake ideal for fishing. In Haaften you can also go swimming in the Crobsche Waard or the floodplains of the Waal river.

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Subtropical swimming paradise

If the weather isn’t cooperating but you’d still like to go for a swim, then 2 subtropical swimming paradises are merely 20 minutes away. The Omniom in Den Bosch and the Caribabad in Gorinchem have slides, rapids, extensive toddler pools and much more.

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De Linge



The idyllic Linge river is perfect for a boat ride or canoeing adventure. Several places rent out canoes, electric boats or even luxurious longboats.

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This thrilling fortress island hosts an interactive science center about planet earth. Take a virtual journey to the center of the earth, get lost in the underground tunnel, find your way through the maze, create landscapes in the interactive sandpit or experience the Netherlands in a thousand billion Minecraft blocks. Outside there is a large natural playground and a pancake restaurant with delightful terrace.

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Hoppies nature playground

This natural playground offers hours of fun in the wilderness. Build a raft, clamber and climb in and around the water, get lost in the corn maze or walk the bare foot path. Those who prefer to keep their feet on dry land can play mini golf, jump on the air trampoline, ride go-karts or enjoy the animal meadow. The great restaurant with super terrace serves a variety of delicious healthy food.

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Neerijnse bos

The Waardenburg en Neerijnen estate invites you to enjoy its natural beauty and the estates two old castles. In between the castles you find orchards and a lovely woodland park. The woodland park with its short mapped out walking routes, is great for a leisurely stroll. The dike offers a phenomenal view on the Waal river.

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