Pony Diploma Package

Become a pony pro!

If you have always been curious whether horse riding is for you, the Pony Diploma Package is the activity for you! Learn all about grooming and riding a pony and horse in a few lessons. You will go for a bit of riding in the indoor or outdoor arena each lesson and finish the course with an “exam” where you show your parents all you have learned.

Find out if horse riding is really for you with the Pony Diploma Package at FarmCamps! Super fun to do!
FarmCamps Fleur Stables Noord-Holland wandelpony meisjes aankomstbord
Fleur Stables

Become a pro and learn how to ride and groom a pony at FarmCamps Fleur Stables. This farm is located in the north of our little country, in the town of Oudesluis. This horse pension 'houses' 50 horses and ponies and is less than 10 km from the well-known North Holland seaside resort Callantsoog.

  • From 6 years
  • For inexperienced and experienced riders
  • Riding, grooming and driving lessons
  • Including diploma and gift
  • € 85 per weekend, € 110 per midweek

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