Family holidays on a farm

So much fun you won't want to go home again

Stay on a real farm

Looking for a fun family holiday? Camping on a farm means staying among the cows, frolicking in the haystack and making yoghurt! Totally great for young children. Moreover, there are plenty of activities to do with the whole family: how about shearing sheep together, milking cows or…walking with a real alpaca? It’s all possible!

Our farms are small, cosy and always pleasant. We have made the glamping tents as luxurious and comfortable as possible. Think: comfortable beds, your own toilet, hot water and a kitchen with all the trimmings. You can even make your favourite coffee. Want a private bathroom with bath and shower next to the tent? Then choose one of our Ranchtents. You can read more about our glamping tents here.

Relaxed for parents too

Do you take on too much hay at home? Then we have good news for you: on the farm, we use hay for a nice afternoon nap. So even for busy parents, a farm holiday can’t hurt

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Holidays with young family

On a FarmCamps farm you can also stay overnight with a young baby.

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Holiday in your own country with children? These are the nicest farms in the Netherlands

Frequently asked questions about a family holiday on a farm

How is the tent furnished?

Our tents are fully furnished and fully equipped. Of course you will sleep in nice beds and in each tent there is a large dining table and a relaxing sofa and a large table to play games at. In the kitchen there is a gas cooker, running water, a small fridge and a good espresso machine. And, of course, plenty of kitchen inventory. Many of our tents also have an outdoor fireplace by the tent. So you can also enjoy the outdoors in the evening.

Good to know: there is no microwave or oven in the tent.

There is a bathroom in the tent, right?

No worries, you don’t have to shower at the farmers’! You can shower in the heated sanitary building on the farm. The Ranchtents have a private bathroom with bath and shower next to the tent. The Farmtents, Barntents, and Lodgetents (our most luxurious tents) even have a bathroom inside the tent.

Can the children have a good time?

There is certainly plenty to do on the farm. Indeed: boredom is impossible.

One day, the children take the cows out to pasture to help with milking. The next day, they can help with a chore in the fields, feed the goats or brush the horses. Of course, your farming adventure is only complete if you also learn something on the farm. And our farmers personally take care of that. To top it all off, you will receive a well-deserved farmhand’s diploma.

But there is also plenty to play about on the farm! Building tree houses, cycling on the cross-country track, playing in the hay barn, down the cableway, swinging, go-karting, playing football. There is also plenty to do in the surrounding area Our farms are surrounded by beautiful beaches and beautiful nature

Can you have fun (inside) in bad weather?

Absolutely! If the weather is not so good, that’s no problem at all. Every tent is equipped with a game box that will keep you entertained for hours.

But of course, a real Dutch family does not let a bit of bad weather stop them. Even in bad weather, the cows need to be milked and the animals fed. The farmer also needs your help inside to sweep and muck out the stables and feed the calves.

Is your holiday really about to fall apart? Then make use of our Fine Weather Guarantee and rebook your holiday for free.

On what kind of farms are the accommodations located?

We have many different farms. You can choose from an arable farm, an alpaca farm, an organic farm, a cheese farm, a dairy farm, a horse farm, a sheep farm, a play and learning farm and a cattle farm.

Do I have to bring my own towels?

Towels are unfortunately not included in the price. You can bring them yourself, but you can also order a handy towel pack with one large and one small towel for €5.

Do I have to bring my own bedding?

The sleeping rooms are fully equipped with duvets and pillows and clean bed linen. You pay €6.50 per person for bed linen for the entire stay.

At some farms, you can also opt for the Farmers’ Bed making service. For €6 per bed, your beds will then be made up before your arrival.

Can we bring our dog?

Most farms allow you to bring a dog. We have a limited number of tents available on each farm for this purpose. There is a maximum of 1 dog per tent. If you would like to bring your dog, please indicate this when booking with your travel group. You will automatically see if it is possible to bring your dog. It may be that there is no tent available in your desired period. In that case, you will not be able to bring your dog or you will have to choose another period or farm. In connection with communicable diseases, only dogs are allowed. Unfortunately, other pets are not allowed.

Is it possible to stay at a FarmCamps farm with a young baby?


Can friends and family visit?

Day guests are certainly welcome on most farms, but sometimes for a fee. The fee varies from farm to farm and is usually only a few euros per guest, per day. Check with the farmer upon arrival.

Day guests may participate in the free activity programme, but this also takes place in consultation with the farmer. If there is space available, day guests can of course participate in paid activities. You can arrange this on the spot with the farmer(s).

How do I easily book my holiday at FarmCamps?

Are you ready for the very best family holiday? Then book your weekend away at FarmCamps directly on our handy booking page. Discover all our locations in Drenthe, Gelderland, Limburg, Brabant, Holland, Utrecht, Zeeland and Friesland. Still have questions? Ask them by phone via 088-8889188 or send an e-mail.

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