Farm holidays in the Netherlands

So much fun you won't want to go home again!

We've known it for a while: a farm holiday is totally awesome!

The outdoor air, farm life, chores on the farmyard. We often hear from our farmers that children hide when the holidays are over, hoping to stay on the farm for just a little while longer. Fortunately, they are all found again: in the hay, with the bunnies or among the horses. Of course, this says it all: a farm holiday is so much fun that you don’t want to go home again. We tell you why!

What makes a farm holiday so much fun?

You camp on a real farm

Camping on a farm is unique! When did you get the chance to really taste and learn about Dutch farm life? Helping the farmer feed the animals, tasting fresh milk, making butter and jam, making yoghurt. A farm holiday is educational and fun at the same time. When checking in, the children even receive a FarmCamps Farm Passport. This contains all kinds of fun and educational assignments. The kids can do the assignments themselves, or you can do them together. One thing is for sure: after this holiday, your farmer’s mind will be completely refreshed.

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A farm holiday means lots of animals

Milking cows, shearing sheep, cuddling rabbits, feeding goats, brushing horses. And we could go on and on. On the farm, it is a real animal mess. On some farms, it is even possible to have your own grooming pony. So we are sure that a holiday on a farm will appeal to every child.

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You sleep in a luxury glamping tent

On FarmCamps’ farms, you will camp in a luxury glamping tent. Our tents are completely furnished and fully equipped. Lovely beds, a nice sofa, a kitchen with gas cooker and espresso machine. The Ranchtents have a private bathroom with bath and shower next to the tent. The Farmtents, Barntents and Lodgetents even have a bathroom in the tent.

A farm holiday is for young and old

Camping on a farm is fun for young and old alike. The children can really have fun all day long. They can go out with the farmer, maybe ride the tractor, make new friends and groom the horses. There is also always plenty to play with in the yard: go-karts, trampolines, sandboxes! There is also plenty to discover in the surrounding area, such as quiet beaches, beautiful nature, nice towns.

But you can also get away from the daily grind. Listening to an audiobook, running or cycling in the area or sneaking an afternoon nap in the hay? The farmer probably won’t tell anyone else. Our conclusion? A farm holiday is fun for the whole family!

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The very best farmers in the Netherlands

Our farmers are chosen for their enthusiasm. So you can be sure that you will end up on the farm of a very nice farmer and farmer’s wife! They all enjoy teaching you the tricks of the trade, pampering you and teaching you all about farm life. Moreover, the farmer and farmer’s wife often have young children of varying ages, so it is always fun on the farm. No reason to be modest here: our farmers really are the best in the Netherlands.

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Less beautiful weather on the farm? No worries!

Is the weather a little off? No problem at all! In our tents you will find a lot of games. So if the weather is bad, it’s time for a game marathon in the tent. Is your holiday really about to fall apart? Then take advantage of our Good Weather Guarantee and rebook your holiday for free.

FarmCamps Stolkse Weide Zuid-Holland koeien ochtend lopen naar stal wei weidegang

Province of South Holland

FarmCamps Five Star Zeeland scheppen spelen op het strand zand emmer meisjes

Province of Zeeland

FarmCamps De Oostermaat Overijssel voetballen kijken koeien in de wei jongen zwaaien

Province of Overijssel

FarmCamps Fleur Stables Noord-Holland varen in de sloot

Province of North Holland

FarmCamps Alpaca Vorstenbosch Noord-Brabant kinderen spelen zandberg rennen

Province of North Brabant

FarmCamps BoeBaDoe limburg koeien in de wei maisveld vrouw op bankje genieten uitzicht

Province of Limburg

FarmCamps Den Branderhorst Gelderland graanveld tractorbanden sporen

Province of Gelderland

FarmCamps Geele Bosch Friesland bootje sloot

Province of Friesland

FarmCamps de Bosrand Drenthe de wei bloemen

Province of Drenthe

Frequently asked questions about a farm holiday in the Netherlands

Are the farms located throughout the Netherlands?

You can book farm holidays all over the country. From Zeeland to Friesland and from Limburg to North Holland. But you also have the choice whether you want a farm by the sea, in the middle of the countryside or near a forest or lake, for example. There is always a farm that suits your needs!

Do I actually have wifi during a farm holiday?

At almost all our FarmCamps farms, there is free wifi at the reception. Some farms even have wifi signal in the tents. If you want to know which locations these are, check our website under ‘Our Farms‘ and select the filter ‘Wifi in the tent’.

Good to know: some farms are remote and therefore do not always have a good wifi signal. Unfortunately, at FarmCamps De Geele Bosch and FarmCamps De Verloren Kost, due to the location, not enough MBs are received for a good connection.

Do I have to bring my own towels?

Towels are unfortunately not included in the price. You can of course bring them yourself, but you can also order a handy towel pack with one large and one small towel for €5.

Do I have to bring my own bedding?

The sleeping rooms are fully equipped with duvets and pillows and clean bed linen. You pay €6.50 per person for bed linen for the entire stay. At some farms, you can also opt for the Farmers’ Bed-making service. For €6 per bed, your beds will then be made up before your arrival.

Does every farm have the same play equipment?

Every FarmCamps farm has different play equipment and play facilities. But, there is always something for young and old to play with. Every FarmCamps farm has an Animal Meadow and/or Cuddle Barn.

Can we join the activities with the whole family?

Children aged 6 or older can participate independently in almost all FarmCamps activities (unless otherwise indicated). Children under 6 may also participate in FarmCamps activities, but under the supervision of parents or a sibling aged 13 or older.

How do I easily book my luxury tent holiday at FarmCamps?

Find your ideal accommodation easily on our special booking page. Choose your province, farm type and tent type and quickly navigate to your favourite accommodation. Handy: you can also select by facilities and activities.

Do you have a question? You can always email us.

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