For a holiday at FarmCamps

You just need a farmer's passport!

A FarmCamps farmers' passport

Why go on holiday far away when there are so many beautiful places to discover in the Netherlands? At FarmCamps, we know how to find them.

Too bad you don’t need a passport for a holiday in the Netherlands, because then you won’t get all those cool stamps from all the destinations you’ve seen. And if you enjoyed it so much as an adult, the kids will too.

That’s why, when meeting the farmer and farmer’s wife, all children receive the FarmCamps Farm Passport in which they can collect stamps from all farms instead of different countries.

Not just a passport...

The Farmers’ Passport is not just a passport, it is also full of fun and educational tasks that the kids can do on their own or with the farmer and earn even more stamps. This way, they take part in, and learn about life on the farm, while the farmer and farmer’s wife stamp themselves silly ;-).

Stamping and more stamping!

Stamps have to be earned. 🙂 Of course, this is not always easy. But the stamp for assignment 1 is quickly earned!

During the Tour de Boer, the farmer or farmer’s wife will tell you everything about the farm where you are staying. You will visit places you would normally not get to easily.

So you’ve been on a tour? Earn stamp 1!

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