Summer holidays

Booking summer holidays with small children?

Looking for fun summer holidays with children? Camping on a farm is totally fun for kids! They can play hide and seek in the hay, cuddle with the cows and groom goats. Besides, on the farm you really have some time for your family and no distractions from the TV or iPad. The kids can just play, get dirty, get their feet in the grass and make new friends. That’s how summer holidays should be! And all in a luxury glamping tent. You can’t imagine better summer holidays with the kids, can you?

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Relaxed summer holidays with children on a farm

All our farmhouses are spacious and clearly laid out. So you can see the kids playing in the yard or on the playing field from afar. With a bit of luck, you can even hear them laughing...or crying, of course. Although the latter will be a lot less common. So you can just keep an eye on it while having a coffee in front of the tent. So you won't lose the kids any time soon; not even the fastest!

There are also not as many dangers lurking on the farm as at a large-scale bungalow park. There are no cars driving by, you can't get lost and if the kids have run far away, there are always other parents paying attention.

FarmCamps Mariekerke Zeeland interieur meisjes spelen boeklezen barntent
On the farm with children in the summer holidays

You may be wondering, "Camping in the summer holidays on the farm, will I survive?" Of course, you want some luxury and to be pampered. We understand that very well. That is why we have made our tents as luxurious and comfortable as possible. They are not called glamping tents for nothing! Think: a private toilet, comfortable beds, hot water and a kitchen with all the trimmings. You can even make your favourite coffee. Want a private bathroom with bath and shower next to the tent? Then choose one of our Ranchtents. Want to know more about our tents? View all of our accommodations.

FarmCamps de Buitenhoeve Gelderland modderkeuken spelen kinderen paard in de wei
Discover for yourself how much fun farm holidays can be

Are you ready for really fun summer holidays? Then book your summer holidays at FarmCamps right away. Discover all our locations in Drenthe, Gelderland, Limburg, Brabant, Holland, Utrecht, Zeeland and Friesland. Still have questions? Then ask them by phone via or send an e-mail. Hay Hay!

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On the farm...

At the beach

We have a few farmhouses close to the sea! Ideal for when you really can't choose between beach or countryside. Here you can enjoy farm life, but you can also enjoy an afternoon on the beach.

In the forest

Walking in the forest, making tree houses, playing hide-and-seek among the trees. A farm holiday where the children can also play in the woods is, of course, absolutely great! Seven of our farms have a forest adjacent to, or even ón their yard.

Surrounded by lots of horses & ponies

The best horses are not in stables but at FarmCamps! We have a number of farms where pony fans can ride, brush and cuddle to their hearts' content. Sometimes there is even the possibility of getting a grooming pony and riding lessons.

What can you do in the summer holidays on the farm?
  • Upon arrival, the children will receive a Farmers' Passport containing fun and challenging tasks that you can complete together.
  • There are lots of animals running around the farm. And these, of course, need to be taken care of. How about feeding and watering the chickens, tending the cows, brushing the ponies. And, very importantly, the rabbits need to be cuddled too, of course
  • You can help the farmer in the fields. Perhaps a chore needs to be done, or the cows need to be put in the barn. And quite possibly you may even get a ride on the tractor.
  • Each tent has a very large game box. So when the weather is not so nice, you can have a real games afternoon or evening.
  • At each farm, there is plenty of play equipment to have fun with and go-karts to ride around on. And there is always a haystack to frolic in.
  • And we almost forget the most important thing: parents can also have a great time on the farm. Of course, you can join all the chores in the yard with the children. But, you can also enjoy yourself reading a book on the veranda, taking a walk or cycling around the countryside. Or take an afternoon nap in the hay. Don't worry, the farmers certainly won't tell anyone else.

Our farms

Lovely accommodation, lots of animals, plenty of play opportunities for children, a nice insight into farming. Enthusiastic farmer who loves telling about his farm. Attention to details (Easter eggs as a surprise in the fridge, making ice cream with the farmer’s wife). And fantastic weather!

Family van der Poel

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