Camping at the farmer's

So much fun you won't want to go home

We've known it for a while: camping at the farm is totally awesome!

The outdoors, the farm life, the chores around the farmyard. Moreover, we often hear from reliable farm sources that children hide when the holidays are over, hoping to stay on the farm for just a little while longer. Fortunately, they are all found again: in the hay, with the bunnies or among the horses. This of course tells us enough: camping at the farm is so much fun that you don’t want to go home. We tell you why!

What makes camping at the farm so much fun?

Camping in luxury and without worries

Camping is actually not quite the right word… You can safely say glamping! Glamping is an amalgamation of ‘glamour’ and ‘camping’. Luxury camping, in other words! At FarmCamps’ farms you will camp in a luxury safari tent. Our tents are fully furnished and fully equipped. Lovely beds, a nice sofa, a kitchen with gas cooker and espresso machine. The Ranchtents have a private bathroom with bath and shower next to the tent. The Farmtents, Barntents and Lodgetents even have a bathroom in the tent.

You camp with a real farmer

Camping at the farm is unique! When did you get the chance to really taste and learn about Dutch farm life? Milking cows, making cheese, helping the farmer feed the animals. A holiday on a farm is educational and fun at the same time. When checking in, the children even receive a FarmCamps Farmers Passport. This contains all kinds of fun and educational assignments. The kids can do the assignments themselves, or you can do them together. One thing is for sure: after this holiday, your farmer’s mind will be completely refreshed.

FarmCamps is for young and old

Camping on a farm is fun for both young and old. The children can really have fun all day long among the animals. They can go out with the farmer, maybe even ride the tractor, make new friends, learn about life on the farm and cuddle the cows. There is also always plenty to play with in the yard: go-karts, trampolines, sandboxes! But, you too are away from the daily grind for a while. Each small-scale farm campsite is in a quiet location so you can totally relax. Just listen to an audiobook, go running or cycling in the area or sneak an afternoon nap in the hay? The farmer probably won’t tell anyone else. Our conclusion? Even for busy parents, camping at the farm with children is not a bad idea at all.

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Our farmers are the nicest in the Netherlands

Our farmers are fully screened and selected for fun and enthusiasm. So you can be sure that you will be dealing with the nicest farmers in the Netherlands.

They all enjoy teaching you the tricks of the trade, pampering you and delighting you with facts and figures about farm life. Moreover, the farmer and farmer’s wife often have young children of varying ages, so it is always fun on the farm. No reason to be modest here: our farmers really are the best in the Netherlands.

Less nice weather? No problem

With a bit of luck you will have beautiful weather during your holiday, but is the weather a little less beautiful? No problem at all! In our tents, you will find lots of games. So if the weather is bad, it’s time for a game marathon in the tent. Is your holiday really about to fall apart? Then take advantage of our Fine Weather Guarantee and rebook your holiday for free.

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