Exceptional campsites in the nicest spots in the Netherlands

Stay on a real farm

Our exceptional campsites can be found throughout the Netherlands

FarmCamps is the alternative to a large-scale bungalow park. You will find our farms from Friesland to South Holland and from North Holland to Limburg. In the woods, near the beach or in the countryside. All our farms have one thing in common: after one night’s sleep in a comfortable glamping tent on a farm, you don’t want to go home. And the children certainly don’t want to go.

Exceptional camping for young and old

Camping on a farm is fun for young and old alike. The children can have fun all day long. They can go out with the farmer, maybe ride the tractor, cuddle the cows and make new friends. There is also always plenty to play with in the yard: go-karts, sandboxes, trampolines! But, you too can relax for a while in the middle of nature. Enjoy the peace and quiet, read a book or go running or cycling in the area. Camping at the farm is not bad at all for parents either!

And we haven’t even mentioned the best part yet: our FarmCamps farms are inhabited by the nicest farmers. They are ready to teach you all about farm life. Our farmers are without doubt the best in the Netherlands!

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Our farms

Frequently asked questions about our glamping accommodations

What types of farms can I choose from?

We have many different farms. So there is something for everyone! You can choose from these different types of farms: an arable farm, an alpaca farm, an organic farm, a cheese farm, a dairy farm, a horse farm, a sheep farm, a play and learning farm, a cattle farm. You can also choose whether you want a farm near the forest or by the sea, for example.

How are the glamping tents furnished?

Our tents are super-luxurious and comfortable! You just sleep at the farm in a comfortable bed. But you also have your own toilet, hot water and a kitchen with everything you need. For the luxurious ones, there are even tents with their own shower!
Our tents are fully equipped. In each tent there is a relaxing sofa and a large table to play games at. The kitchen has running water, a small fridge, a gas cooker and a good espresso machine. Many of our tents also have – very cosy! – an outdoor fireplace next to the tent. Good to know: there is no microwave or oven in the tent.

Unfortunately, there is no standard baby bed and/or high chair in our tents. However, our baby kit does include a cot (and a high chair and changing mat). You can hire these for € 16.

View our special accommodations here.

What if the weather is bad?

If rain is forecast, we recommend you bring rubber boots and good rain gear for the kids. Also think about some old clothes for the kids, as they are guaranteed to get dirty playing on the farm.
Should it be chilly, we recommend dressing in layers. Also bear in mind that it can be chilly inside the tent if it is cold or windy outside. So bring nice warm clothes for the evenings.

Is it possible to stay at a FarmCamps farm with a young baby?


What can you do on the farm?


Upon arrival, the children receive a Farmers’ Passport containing fun tasks you can complete together. Each farm also has enough play equipment for the kids to enjoy themselves and go-karts to ride around on. And there is always a haystack to frolic in.

And last but not least: you can help the farmer on the land. Maybe there is a chore to be done, or the cows need to be stabled. And just maybe you will get to take a ride on the tractor. Extra fun: what about all those animals roaming around the farm? They have to be taken care of, of course. Feeding and watering the chickens, tending the cows, brushing the ponies. And, very importantly, the rabbits need to be cuddled too, of course. The FarmCamps farms really are the most fun campsites in the Netherlands!

When and where do farm activities take place during our stay?

The time and location of the activities may change weekly, depending on the work scheduled on the farm. For this reason, the farmer and farmer’s wife will indicate on arrival where and when the activities will take place during your holiday. Also handy: on each farm, there is an activity board at a central point. Here you can check the time and location of the activities taking place on that day.

Can you always join the farm activities if you do not book them in advance?

Some activities have a maximum and minimum number of participants. Want to be sure of a place? Then book the activities online, prior to the holiday. In any case, the children receive our Farmers’ Passport for free on arrival and can use it to get the Farmers’ Diploma.

Can we have good food on the farm?

At some of our farms, you can enjoy a nice drink on the terrace after hard work on the farm. Or how about a bite to eat in the restaurant?

At FarmCamps De Buitenhoeve you can have a delicious pizza, or even fries and croquettes. At FarmCamps Alpaca Vorstenbosch and FarmCamps Five Star you can have a nice lunch in the Alpaca bar or the indoor playground. At FarmCamps Breehees it is even more luxurious: here you even have an extensive menu for lunch or dinner.

Do you have a question? You can always email us.

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