Riding for adults

For adult horse lovers

We all know horseback riding isn’t only for children to enjoy, you can have great fun too. At some of our farms there are also opportunities to ride as an adult. Below you will find what you the possibilities are per farm.

De Smulhoeve

As a mum and dad, you can also enjoy being at one with horses and nature. Experienced adult riders can use the outdoor arena by themselves.


During the summer holidays, while the weather is warm and dry, you cannot beat a trek through the woods together with Farmers’ wife Carolien. The trail takes two about hours.


As a parent, would you like to take a riding lesson? This is possible on BoeBaDoe! You will be taught by farmer Floor who is a certified Centered Riding instructor. The driving lessons are possible on Tuesdays and Saturdays, so you can see for yourself when it suits you.

Fleur Stables

If you’ve never ridden before then you don’t know what you’re missing out on! At Fleur Stables you can take a private lesson with Thirza and learn a lot of skills in a short time. The lessons are based on availability and can be booked on the farm.

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