Pony Walking with FarmCamps

For the real pony lovers

The ponies at FarmCamps love walking and getting exercise – especially if they are accompanied by a kind little boy or girl. At FarmCamps De Smulhoeve, FarmCamps Fleur Stables and FarmCamps Five Star you can take your pony (and one of your parents) for a lovely stroll.

De Smulhoeve

Farmers’ wife Karin will join you and your parent(s) for a gentle stroll through the delightful Loonse and Drunense Dunes. It’s the perfect area to explore while on holiday and what better way than while riding your pony with your parent(s) at your side.

Five Star

The Zeeland polders are an ideal area to explore while riding your pony. Your parent(s) at your side will also delight in the stunning countryside. The pony trek takes 30 minutes and previous riding experience is not necessary. Have fun!

Fleur Stables

Would you like to got out for a walk with one of the sweet ponies of Farmer Jan? That is possible at Fleur Stables! Together with your parents you take a pony walk across the yard. You on it and your parents next to it.

De Bosrand

Want to go for a walk in the woods with one of the lovely ponies? That is possible at De Bosrand.

Together with your parents, you follow the mapped-out route through the forest. And of course you can sit on the pony.

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