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Do the tents include a cot and a high chair?

No, our tents do not have a standard baby cot and/or high chair. In the Safari tents, Hay tents, Farm tents and Ranch tents there are bunk beds for the children. The Lodge tents have 2 single beds and a box bed for the children. The Barntent has both a bunk bed and a sleeping loft for the children.

You can rent a baby package with a high chair, cot and changing mat from us for € 16,-  (per stay) or of course bring it yourself. In any case you need to bring your own bed linen for the cot. You only need a high chair? That is possible for € 5,-.

Is Wi-Fi available?

  • Free WiFi is available at the reception on almost all our FarmCamps farms. Please note that farms are located in the outskirts and therefore do not always have a good reception. Unfortunately, due to their location, FarmCamps De Geele Bosch and FarmCamps De Verloren Kost receive too few MBs for a good connection.
  • Some locations even have WiFi coverage in the tents. If you want to know which locations these are, check our website at ‘Our Farms’ and select the filter ‘Wifi in the tent’.

Is smoking allowed in the luxury tents?

No, smoking is not allowed in the tent. You are allowed to smoke outside the tent.

What’s in the games chest?

  • Family games for young and old.
  • Outdoor toys.
  • Toys to help discover the nature around you.

Can I indicate a preference for a specific tent in advance?

You can indicate your preference when booking. However, in all cases we determine the tent layout before arrival based on the size of the group, presence of a dog and any preferences in order of date of request.

Is the bed linen hypoallergenic?

Yes, the bed linen is hypoallergenic.

Should I bring my own towels?

Towels are not included in the rental price. You can either bring your own or you can opt for the Towel Bundle package which is €5.00 and includes one large and one small white towel. Perfect for leaving washing behind at the end of your holiday!

Should I bring my own bed linen?

No, the bedrooms are fully furnished with duvets and pillows, and clean bed linen will be waiting for you in the tent. The fee is €6.50 per person for the entire stay. Some farms also offer the Welcoming Bed service which means your beds are made before you arrive – ready for you to relax and enjoy. The fee for this is €6.00 per person.

Are there tea and coffee facilities in the tent?

In all our luxury tents you can make an old-fashioned pot of coffee by boiling water and pouring it into a filter with filter coffee on a thermos. There is also a Lavazza Espresso machine. For this machine you need special Lavazza espresso capsules which you can buy in the shop on all our farms. Please note: these capsules are only for sale on the farm, so not in the supermarket!

Can I cook in the luxury tents?

You can just cook in the tent. The kitchen has a 4-burner gas stove, a small refrigerator and a good basic kitchen inventory. There is no microwave or oven in the tent.

Should I bring my own kitchen equipment?

No, this is not necessary, the tent is equipped with quite extensive kitchen equipment. In the tent you will also find a handy Household Kit containing a small bottle of washing up liquid, washing-up brush, scouring pad, dish cloth, kitchen towel, tea towel, 1 garbage bag, 1 PMD bag and matches. So you don’t have to lug it all with you from home.

Is there a heater in the luxury tents?

Yes, all our luxury tents have 1 (Safari tent and Hay tent) or 2 (Ranch tent, Farm tent, Lodge tent and Barn tent) gas heaters. Because many farms place solar panels on their roofs, and we also like to go along with the step towards more sustainable energy, the gas heater on a number of farms has been replaced by an air conditioner. This blows warm air, but can also cool the tent. That is of course very nice on the hot days. If you would like a tent with an air conditioner, look in the Main menu at ‘Our Farms’ and select the air conditioner at ‘Luxury in the tent’. You will then see which tents have an air conditioner.

Is there a shower or bath in the tent?

  • There is no shower in the Safari tent and Hay tent. You shower in the sanitary building.
  • The Ranch tent has the Hooi Hooi Badtrailer next to the tent: a horse trailer converted into your own luxurious private bathroom with bath and rain shower.
  • The Farmtent and Lodgetent have a bathroom with shower, toilet and sink in the tent.
  • The Barntent has a bathroom with bath, shower, toilet and washbasin in the tent.

Do the luxury tents have a toilet?

Ja, al onze tenten zijn voorzien van een eigen toilet.

Do the luxury tents have running water?

Yes, all our luxury tents have cold running water. The Ranchtent, Lodgetent and Barntent also have hot running water. In the Farmtent there is hot running water in the kitchen, but not at the sink.

Do the luxury tents have electricity?

Yes, there is electricity in every tent. In addition, the tent has a lamp in every room and there are several sockets. Use of this is of course included in the price.

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